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Looking for the best inverter battery in India? Trust Exide

By Exide
Looking for the best inverter battery in India? Tr

A reliable and powerful inverter can save you from a lot of hassles during summer. If you are to purchase the best inverter battery in India, Exide is all you need. Exide inverter batteries have advanced mechanisms that ensure you have uninterrupted power supply during a power failure. Now, with these premium-quality inverter batteries, you don't have to worry about suffering from sudden power outages.

So, what makes Exide the best inverter battery in India?

Exide is one of the most trusted and biggest battery manufacturing brand in India that ensures offering the best to its customers. As an inverter battery brand that has been powering up the country for decades, here are some other reasons that make Exide the best:

Superior Quality - When it comes to the quality of inverter batteries, Exide inverter batteries are unbeatable. These batteries guarantee longer life and higher power output so that your life isn't interrupted by sudden power cuts. These inverter batteries have the ability to withstand both frequent and long power blackouts, which are extremely common in the Indian power supply scenario.

Low Maintenance - One of the reasons why Exide inverter batteries are best in India is that they are low-maintenance. These batteries have a lower topping-up frequency, which means once you're done topping up your inverter battery, you don't need to worry about it anytime soon. Besides that, these batteries have an excellent thermal management system that ensures longevity and consistent performance throughout.

Keeps Your Devices Safe - Sudden power blackouts can have a long-lasting effect on your expensive gadgets such as air conditioners, refrigerators, laptops, etc. To keep all your electronic gadgets safe, you need an inverter battery that has minimal plate failure and the ability to recover from deep discharge. This is exactly what Exide inverter batteries have to offer.

Quick Doorstep Service - Exide has a special quick doorstep service named Exide Batmobile. With Exide Batmobile, one can enjoy expert assistance at their place within no time. Booking this service is easy and simple. One just has to go to the official website of Exide Care and go to the service booking page. There, one needs to select 'For Exide Inverter Battery." Here, one can easily avail the service by entering the required detail and OTP. Once the service is booked, Exide Batmobile experts will be on their way to provide you with the assistance you require. Exide Batmobile technicians are available in more than 300 cities across the country. So, no matter where you live, with Exide, you will always enjoy quick and expert doorstep assistance for your inverter battery.

Extended Warranty Period - Exide Inverter batteries cover an extended warranty period for more satisfaction. You can also register your inverter battery for warranty online without any difficulties through the Exide Care site. Click here to know more about Exide warranty terms and conditions.

What are the inverter battery options offered by Exide?

Exide offers a range of inverter batteries so that you can choose the one that matches your requirements.

Exide Tubular Inverter Batteries:

Exide Invatubular - It is a superior long-lasting model offered by Exide that offers 1200 Cycles @ 80% DOD. You can enjoy a 66-month warranty with this inverter battery.

Exide Invabright Tubular - With a 42-month warranty, it is a hassle-free low maintenance premium battery, perfect to cover all your power supply requirements.

Exide Invamaster - This excellent inverter battery comes with a unique Tubular plate design and offers 1000 Cycles @ 80% DOD. This inverter battery comes with a 60-month warranty.

Exide Invazest - With a 72-month warranty coverage, it is a special Zero Emission, Spill-Proof Inverter Battery that comes with Smart Silica Bonds.

Exide Invahomz - With a 48-month warranty, it is a perfect battery if you are looking for a low-maintenance inverter battery for your space.

Exide Flat Plate Inverter Battery:

Exide Invabright Flat Plate Battery - With a 42-month warranty, it is a premium flat plate battery that offers uninterrupted power supply with consistent proficiency.

Whether it is your home, shop, office, or somewhere else where you need zero power supply interruption, get the best inverter battery in India today with Exide. With more than 1 lakh registered Exide dealers nationwide, you can easily find one near you. So, why wait? Grab uninterrupted convenience today and bring Exide inverter to your place.

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