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Buy a 12 volt inverter battery at the best price from Exide

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Buy a 12 volt inverter battery at the best price f

Looking to buy an inverter battery at the best price? Go for Exide – India's no.1 inverter battery brand. Buying a good inverter to keep your house or office running smoothly during a power cut is important, but it is equally vital to get a good inverter battery to match the performance of your inverter and enjoy uninterruptable power supply.

150Ah battery is the most common battery type available in the market which gives around 2Hrs 45Mins to 3Hrs backup with 400 watt bulb load. One may use lower Ah battery for lower backup requirements or higher Ah batteries for higher backup requirements. The VA rating of the inverter and its efficiency will determine the wattage that can be run.

Monoblock inverter batteries are mostly available in 12 volt configuration as domestic inverters below 1500VA ratings are designed for a single 12V battery. Inverters from 1500VA onwards are designed in 24V or in multiples of 12V which requires multiple batteries as per configuration.

Exide inverter batteries ensure uninterrupted and regulated power supply during power failure. Check out the popular tubular Inverter battery brands from Exide - Exide Invatubular, Exide Invamaster, Exide Tubemaster, Exide Invaplus, Exide Insta Brite and Exide Inva King. Amongst flat plate inverter batteries check out the range of Exide Insta Brite and Exide Inva King.

What makes an Exide Inverter Battery 'The Most Preferred'?

Inverter batteries from Exide have…

• Longer life and higher power output
• Higher backups
• Have low maintenance characteristics
• Have high capability to withstand long and frequent power outages
• Recover easily from deep discharge
• Have lesser topping-up frequency
• Comes with better thermal management

Exide's wide range of inverter batteries light up millions of lives across the country. Driven by the innate spirit of innovation and best-in-class technology, today, Exide takes pride in being the No.1 inverter battery brand in India.

So, find the best Exide inverter battery for your home or workplace. Visit the Find Your Battery – Inverter Battery section on this website and find the right inverter battery as per your requirement. Power your inverter with an Exide inverter battery today and experience the difference if you still haven't!

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