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Why choose an Exide battery for your Honda Amaze car?

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Why choose an Exide battery for your Honda Amaze c

So, your Honda Amaze car battery needs a replacement? Choose the best battery for your car, if you are looking for great on road performance from your vehicle. Go for Exide! Exide offers a range of car batteries best suited for your Honda Amaze Car. Browse through the website,, go to the 'Find Your Battery' section, follow the instructions and get a comprehensive list of Exide Batteries that would best suit your Honda Amaze car. You can also view the battery price of the product you choose for your Honda Amaze car from the list displayed. Visit your nearest EXIDE dealer to make your purchase or:

WhastApp on: 70440 00000
Call: 1800 – 103 – 5454
Or simply connect with the Exide Batmobile Service

For the diesel variant of your Honda Amaze car, the best fit Exide Battery is EXIDE DRIVE (DRIVE45L) The battery comes with an optimized Alloy System to suit high temperature and has a 36 MONTH WARRANTY*.

The Exide Battery that's the best fit for your Honda Amaze petrol car is - EXIDE EPIQ (EPIQ35L). The battery is corrosion resistant and comes with a 77 M MONTH WARRANTY* amongst other features.

So, why pick an Exide Battery for your Honda Amaze Car?

• Every Exide battery comes with a robust design
• Exide car batteries are spill-resistant
• The batteries are maintenance free and durable
• Exide batteries are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions
• Exide batteries are high performing and long lasting

While a car battery replacement may be unavoidable after a certain period of time, or a situation, there are some ways to extend the life of your Honda Amaze battery. Here's how:

• Limit the use of electronic gazettes in your car. You can turn off the use of electronic gazettes while the car is static.
• Keep a regular check on the maintenance of the battery. This is vital. In case you are not driving regularly make sure that the car engine button is operated at least thrice a week.
• Checking the water level of the battery is essential. If there is a warning sign, then you must attend to the car battery water level and top it up.
• Go on some long drives to test the condition of your car battery.
• Get your battery serviced regularly from your nearest authorised Exide dealer.
• Return used batteries to an Exide Dealer when you purchase a new one. Exide applies the best procedures to recycle/ dispose old batteries. Protect the environment.

Connect with the Exide Batmobile Service to get your Honda Amaze car battery checked occasionally and avoid a sudden breakdown on road. Always buy your Exide car battery from authorized Exide Dealers.

Choose an Exide Battery for your Honda Amaze car and get a car battery not just at the best price but also with the best quality and performance!

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