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Avoiding car breakdown - Why maintenance matters

By Exide
Avoiding car breakdown - Why maintenance matters

Imagine, getting stuck in the middle of the road while you are on your way to a long-awaited trip or even say, when you're driving to office. The horror of a breakdown is something that haunts every car owner.

Lack of maintenance for vehicles is the main reason for such sudden breakdowns - the ones when you wouldn't even get the time to pull over and assess the damage done. To avoid such unexpected hassles, here a few things you can do to keep a check on your car health:

  1. Top up the engine oil at intervals - Check the engine oil once every two-three weeks and definitely before you plan any on-road travel. Engine oil helps in lubrication and prevents heat and friction to damage your engine parts. Also check for leakage on a long journey to prevent car breakdowns.

  2. Try not to overload - Avoid unnecessary load in your car at all costs to ascertain its long life. Heavy loads put increased pressure on your vehicle suspension and brakes, and also seems to affect the fuel economy.

  3. Keep an eye out for battery health - Batteries are the lifeline of every four-wheeler and need to be checked periodically to ensure those are in working condition. A dead battery gives out multiple signs before it stops functioning entirely and it's wise to identify those signals to avoid sudden breakdowns. Also, carefully turn off the lights, audio system, GPS or any other functionality in the vehicle that might be drawing on its battery, every time you exit the car to avoid the battery being drained dry.

    Exide has an emergency car breakdown helpline 1800-103-5454 that offers reliable assistance if you face any trouble due to battery on the roads. Called as Exide Batmobile, the service provides on-road service for battery failures and can be your friend-in-need under dire situations.

  4. Don't ignore known issues - Being a vehicle owner, you're likely to know about your car issues. Try not to ignore any strange noises, flickering lights, dripping oils or leakage issues, and get those checked immediately and replaced as soon as possible. Such issues might seem small or unimportant at the time, but ignoring those or delaying repairs can cause sudden breakdowns on road, eventually causing much hassle besides costing you a bomb.

Nobody wants to be in such a situation where calling a car breakdown helpline remains the only option while being stranded on a road. For this reason, periodical car maintenance is a necessity to avoid such hassles. Regular servicing is recommended, especially after driving a few thousand kilometres, just to ensure that the parts are in place and functioning as intended.

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