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Which battery brand is best for my i20 car?

By Exide
Which battery brand is best for my i20 car?

Are you looking for a battery for your Hyundai i20 petrol car? Have you tried an Exide battery? If you still haven't, try one and see the difference for yourself! There are quite a few car battery manufacturers in the market offering batteries for your Hyundai i20 car, but nothing beats the performance of an Exide battery. Exide has a wide range of batteries best suited for your Hyundai i20 petrol car. To find the best Exide battery for your Hyundai i20 visit the Find Your CAR/SUV/MUV Battery section on the Exide Care site.

Our Recommended Car Battery for your Hyundai i20 petrol car: EXIDE MILEAGE (ML40LBH). This spill-proof car battery comes in a robust design, manufactured with the latest technology in battery manufacturing, making it a high performing battery. The battery comes with a warranty of 55 months. You can also connect with the Exide Batmobile Service to get a battery replacement for your Hyundai i20 petrol car. To buy your battery simply visit your nearest Exide Dealer or call the toll-free number 1800-103-5454 or just WhatsApp on 70440 00000. The installation is free and the delivery fast!

The battery is regarded as the heart of your vehicle. Always chose an established battery brand to protect your car from damage caused by spilling or leakages from your car battery. Go for an Exide battery for these reasons:

1. Range: Exide batteries cater to vehicles of most make, model and types. Automotive batteries are manufactured and marketed under various brands of which the most popular ones are Exide Mileage and Exide Matrix.

2. Sturdy and long-lasting: The batteries have a robust design and are spill-proof. The superior make and sturdy build will ensure that the batteries withstand high temperatures.

3. Unbeatable customer service: The on-site and off-site assistance is just what customers will love! The Exide Batmobile Service, available in select cities across India offers ready assistance to car breakdowns and car battery replacements.

4. Paperless warranty: Each Exide Battery comes with paperless warranty on purchase, ensuring easy replacements when required. Remember to register your battery for paperless warranty online post purchase.

So next time you want to get an i20 petrol car battery, rely on Exide. Buy from your nearest Exide Dealer. It's the best you can get for your favourite Hyundai i20 car!

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