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Know why Exide battery is best for your Bullet bike

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Know why Exide battery is best for your Bullet bik

Two-wheelers are the most suited for Indian roads. The rough terrains, the meandering and congested streets, and sharp U-turns are best travelled by a two-wheeler. Having a sturdy bike like a Bullet bike is not good enough. The bike must be powered by an Exide bike battery for best performance. Exide manufactures and supplies bike and scooter batteries to most of the two-wheeler manufacturers in India. An Exide bike battery is manufactured with the latest VRLA and calcium effects technology. They are best suited for all the models and makers of two-wheelers in India. If you own a Bullet Bike, always power your bike with an Exide Battery for best performance. Get a Bullet bike battery at the best price from your nearest Exide Dealer, get it installed in your bike and experience the difference.

Visit the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care site to know the features and price of the Exide battery best suited for your Bullet bike.

Here are the Exide batteries that go best with your Royal Enfield Bullet 350/500/ Delux models:

EXIDE XPLORE (12XL5L-B): The battery is a zero maintenance VRLA motorcycle battery made with world-class calcium effect technology. It comes with a 48 months warranty.

What essential factors should you consider before buying a battery for a two-wheeler?

Several factors govern the buying decision of a particular brand of battery for your two-wheeler:

• Battery size: Make sure the dimensions of the existing battery are the same, or the battery won't fit.

• Polarity: Checking the polarity of the old battery of the motorcycle is important. Maybe, you don't want to end up with a complicated connection or cable issue.

• Starting power: CCA is the number of amperes a battery can deliver in 30 seconds. The CCA will determine the starting power of the motorcycle's battery. The higher the CCA is, the easier it will be to start the motor. Hence you will be able to compare the CCA value and buy a battery for your two-wheeler.

• Battery technology: There are various batteries of different technology like- gel, lithium, AGM, factory activated or conventional, maybe. They demand different maintenance. You have to understand their benefits and then make a choice.

Always get the best motorcycle battery for your Bullet bike. Make sure that the one you buy provides the required power. A good battery like an Exide Battery will help your Bullet Bike endure extreme terrains and weather conditions with perfect ease and comfort. The battery is very much like the blood of your bike's engine, so always get the best when it comes to your Bullet bike. Just go for Exide.

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