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Find the best Exide bike battery for your Hero Glamour Bike

By Exide
Find the best Exide bike battery for your Hero Gla

Do you own a Hero Glamour bike? If you do, you will have to have some basic knowledge of maintaining your bike battery and ensuring that it is in perfect condition. Exide has a wide range of bike batteries for your Hero Glamour bike that can be installed within your two-wheeler. They are designed with the latest VRLA and world-class calcium effects technology that comes with a promise of zero maintenance and durability. So if you are looking for a Hero Glamour bike battery, go for Exide.

Pick a zero maintenance Exide Battery from the list below for your Hero Glamour bike with an electric start


If you own a kick start model, then opt for -


While Exide batteries do not need any maintenance, here are some of these tips to increase the longevity of any bike battery:

Topping up fluids: Check the fluid level and fill the battery's electrolyte to the top level with distilled de-ionized water. By using distilled water, you can always ensure that the battery remains in good condition.

Checking for loose connections: You must check the battery and see that the ends are not loose. In case of any loose connections, the battery won't take an easy start. Check out for wiring faults and other major issues.

Checking for degradation: Whenever a two-wheeler doesn't start, it's a sign of degradation, which might be because of cold and dampness. Show a mechanic or connect with your nearest Exide Dealer for assistance.

Apart from all these tips, you can go for regular servicing of your battery and checkups. If you choose an Exide battery it would come with free installation, thereby ensuring you complete peace of mind. Once you have bought the best Exide battery for your hero glamour bike, do not forget to visit the warranty registration section on this website and register your hero glamour battery for paperless warranty online!

Go ahead and buy an Exide battery for your Hero Glamour bike! Here's what one of our happy customer has to say:

"Exide is a brand I trust a lot and more over any other Indian bike battery brand. The product was well packed and swiftly delivered. The battery is charging well and functioning fine. Overall very happy with the purchase. Thanks team."

- Rajeev R.S.

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