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Get the ideal Tata Tiago battery at the best price with Exide

By Exide
Get the ideal Tata Tiago battery at the best price

Looking for the perfect battery for your Tata Tiago car at a great price? Well, look no further than Exide! Exide has the right battery options for all Tata Tiago models, whether it's the Tiago BS IV, Tiago BS VI, or Tiago NRG.

These batteries are designed to power your car and handle the challenges of Indian roads and traffic, where you often have to start and stop. They're like the perfect companion for your four-wheeler.

Now, you might wonder, "What's the best battery for my Tata Tiago?" You should check your car's specifications and model number to make sure you get the right one. Exide offers a range of high-quality batteries for Tata Tiago, and here are your options:

• For Tiago BS IV running on petrol, go for Exide Mileage MLDIN52RMFEFB. On the other hand, if your Tiago BS VI runs on diesel, the best choice is Exide Mileage MLDIN44R.

• For Tata Tiago BS VI, you can always go with Exide Mileage MLDIN52RMFEFB.

• And if you have a Tiago NRG, Exide Mileage ML75D23LBH is the best battery for you.

If you want to know more about Exide Mileage batteries, just visit the Exide Care website and head to the "Find your battery" section. There, you can enter your car's details and find the Tata Tiago battery price along with other important specifications without any hassle.

Why choose Exide, you ask? Well, Exide batteries are specially made for Indian roads and come with a long warranty. You can find out more about Exide's warranty terms by clicking here.

Do you know what the best part is? If you ever need some assistance, Exide offers the Exide Batmobile service, which allows you to book your car services anytime, anywhere. So if you are stuck on the road, just call for the Exide Batmobile service and trained technicians will be sent across to your location to find out the issue with your car or car battery.

So, with Exide, you'll not just get the perfect battery for your car, at a great price, but you can even have all the required services at your doorstep without any hassles!

Why wait? Hit the road with your Tata Tiago and Exide!

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