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Exide’s lithium-ion inverters come at the best price

By Exide
Exide’s lithium-ion inverters come at the best pri

It's time to 'Live the Li-Ion Life' with all new Exide Integra lithium-ion integrated power backup system!

If you are looking for a smart, efficient and stylish power backup system for your home, go for the next generation integrated power back-up system with Li-Ion - EXIDE Integra. This integrated power backup system comes with neo-compact look and a user-friendly design complementing your modern lifestyle.

There are two models of Exide Integra. INTEGRA700 and INTEGRA1000. While INTEGRA700 handles moderate power outage of around 1 hour 30 minutes at 400 Watt appliance load the INTEGRA1000 handles a higher power outage of 2 hours 30 minutes at 400 Watt appliance load.

This feature-packed integrated power backup system comes equipped with great features.

• Highly efficient, integrated with pure sine wave UPS having an inbuilt lithium-ion battery.
• Sleek, wall-mounted design that saves floor space.
• Batteries have zero maintenance and are high-life cycle lithium batteries.
• There are no fumes or acid spillage – all for a cleaner and hassle-free environment.
• They have a user-friendly display.
• Fast charging compared to lead acid batteries. They start commencing at a low input voltage.
• Intelligent battery charge management.
• The batteries have automatic protection controls from low battery, heat–up, overload, and short circuits.
• Mains overload protection through the resettable switch.

Here are some specialties of its new age LCD display:

• There is a graphical tri-color LCD and some soft touch switches for a better interface.
• Displays real-time clock and an ambient temperature.
• There is a display for backup time and charging time.
• You will see a snow white text and black LCD backlight in a backup mode.
• Clear visibility of having a green text with a black LCD backlight in charging mode.
• The applied load is shown in the percentage of a graphical bulb indication.
• This gazette will show off a charge from the mains of the battery or load or sometimes maybe both.
• This would display the actual AC mains input or output in the numerical form.
• The actual battery voltage is displayed in numeric and bar graphs.
• Get display of any protection coming like overload, a short circuit, low battery, over temperature, etc.

What's more? Exide Integra comes with a 5 year warranty.

To know more about Exide Integra click here: or call 1800-103-5454.

Post purchase of Exide Integra, do not forget to register the device online for paperless warranty on our warranty registration section.

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