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Exide offers reliable Apache RTR 160 battery at a great price!

By Exide
Exide offers reliable Apache RTR 160 battery at a

The TVS Apache RTR 160 bike is a perfect balance between comfort and sportiness. It's a top pick for adventure lovers who enjoy long, comfortable rides.  Looking for a reliable Apache RTR 160 battery at a great price? Exide has just the right bike battery for you.

In India, many people enjoy using two-wheelers for a hassle-free ride through traffic and getting to their destination on time. The Apache RTR 160 is a sensible option, providing a comfortable journey and making it an excellent choice for discovering new routes. However, to make the most of this quality bike, you'll need a strong battery, and that's where Exide comes in.

Exide, the leading two-wheeler battery manufacturer in India, provides ideal battery solutions for your on-road companion.

So, what's the best battery for Apache RTR 160?

As per the specifications and requirements of TVS Apache RTR 160, EXIDE XPLORE (12XL9-B) stands out as the best option in the market that you can go for.

Whether you use your bike for everyday trips or you are someone who enjoys long, adventurous rides, Exide Xplore is an ideal choice for you. Exide Xplore is a powerful battery tailored for Indian roads, delivering efficient performance even in extreme weather conditions. Regardless of whether it's scorching summer heat or freezing winter breeze, Exide Xplore will keep your bike running smoothly. In simple terms, it's the perfect battery for your two-wheeler adventures.

Want to know more about Exide Xplore?

Just visit the Exide Care Website and navigate to the "Find Your Battery" section. Choose "Two-Wheeler Battery" and select your bike brand as TVS and model as Apache RTR 160.

Or, you can simply click here.

Here, you'll be able to go through complete information about Exide Xplore battery including battery price and specifications.

If you prefer in-store assistance, Exide dealers are always ready to help. Wondering how to find your nearest verified Exide dealer? You can easily locate your nearest dealer using the dealer locator and get your Apache RTR 160 battery at the best price from a registered Exide Dealer near you. It's that simple!

Wondering why you should go for Exide?

Exide understands the specifications and requirements of your bike, providing a perfect battery for your two-wheeler.

Did you know that Exide is the leading two-wheeler battery manufacturer in India with verified dealers across the country? Exide offers its service in more than 300+ cities across India. Wherever you are, Exide ensures you receive guidance and assistance without any hassles.

And here's a bonus: Exide Xplore offers a generous warranty period, and you can easily register your battery for warranty online with just a few clicks on your device. Isn't that great? A long and reliable warranty is a must consideration before investing in a two-wheeler battery. You can know more about Exide warranty terms and conditions here.

It's time to get home the best partner for your TVS Apache RTR 160 - EXIDE XPLORE. Don't delay and get it now to boost the performance of your two-wheeler.

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