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Find the ideal Exide battery for your Honda Shine Bike

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Find the ideal Exide battery for your Honda Shine

For Honda Shine owners, this is undoubtedly a no worry bike! With high mileage, amazing capacity and a powerful engine, this bike is one of the best bikes from Honda in terms of experiencing comfort and low maintenance convenience. However, like all other bikes, a Honda Shine bike battery would also need a replacement at some point of time with prolonged use.

If you are looking to replace your Honda Shine bike battery, go for Exide. This battery is made with the latest VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead–Acid) technology in battery manufacturing, thus ensuring zero maintenance. The battery is super-sealed and spill proof with virtually no possibility of leak. Get a warranty of 36 months when you buy this battery from your nearest Exide Dealer. Register your battery for paperless online warranty on the Exide Care site once you have made your purchase.

For the Electric Start model of a Honda Shine Bike, the Exide bike batteries that would match best are:


- 36 month warranty
- Spill-proof
- Weighs 1.5 kgs


- 48 month warranty
- VRLA Battery technology in manufacturing
- Weighs 1.5 kgs


- 48 month warranty
- Zero maintenance
- Weighs 1.75 kgs

Get the best performance out of your Honda Shine bike when powered with an Exide bike battery. In addition, don't forget to keep a check on your bike on a regular basis to maximize its performance on road. Do a check on the tyres every day for punctures and alignment issues, keep a check on the engine oil and engine, clean your bike with a soft cloth, ride at an average of 40-60 kms to bring down your fuel consumption.  For more Battery FAQs go through the FAQ section on this website.

So keep your Honda Shine bike performing at its best always with an Exide battery. Don't forget to carry on with your regular maintenance and checks!

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