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Looking for an Exide Inverter Dealer nearby?

By Exide
Looking for an Exide Inverter Dealer nearby?

Inverters are known to regulate the flow of electrical power and convert Direct Current to Alternating Current. When it comes to purchasing an inverter, you often wonder where to get the best deal and guidance from to make your purchase.

Well, Exide makes this easy for you! Just visit the Exide Inverter Dealer near your location and get your inverter at the best price.

You can also save time by deciding the inverter you want to purchase before visiting the Exide Inverter Dealer near you. Visit the find your Inverter section on this website. Calculate your requirement and find the relevant inverter for your home/ workplace.

Exide Inverterz available with inverter dealers near you:

Exide Inverterz GQP: A high-quality DSP technology based pure sine wave inverter with 100% pure copper transformer and a combined LCD and LED display. The inverters have auto smart protection and some great power-saving facility. Comes with a 42 months warranty.

Exide Inverterz Star: This advanced microcontroller-based pure sine wave output based inverter with Aluminum transformer is suitable for mains and low voltage operation. The device is equipped with LED display user interface and comes with a 42 months warranty.

Exide Inverterz Magic: An inverter suitable for low-voltage operation with controlled output. Comes with smart inbuilt protection like overload, short circuits, AC back feed, and more along with a 42-month warranty.

Plus factors behind buying an inverter from Exide:

• Exide inverterz are designed mainly for domestic purpose and are 100% safe.

• Manufactured with the latest technology and can be customized with your budget and requirement.

• The inverters are built with advanced technologies to keep your appliances safe during power failures.

Exide inverterz is an excellent investment for your home. Choose an Exide Inverterz as per your requirement from this website and visit your nearest Exide dealer to purchase and get hassle-free digital warranty with every purchase.

You can also connect with Exide on - 1800 103 5454 or WhatApp on 70440 00000 with your requirement.

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