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How to choose the best low-price inverter?

By Exide
How to choose the best low-price inverter?

Power cuts can happen all of a sudden. If you want uninterrupted power supply at your home, go for inverters. Now you would have a budget in mind to buy one, however you would not want to compromise on quality. So how to find the best low price inverter for your home? Exide, India's No. 1 inverter battery manufacturer also makes inverters systems to keep your appliances, electrical gadgets and units like lights, fans, air conditioners etc. functioning smoothly during power failures. You can find the best inverter for your home easily with an Exide Dealer!

Here are some tips to look out for while looking for a low price inverter for your home.

1. Identifying the power requirements:  Identifying your power requirement is essential before you buy an inverter. You can sum up the number of appliances and their capacities. Say, for example, two tube lights 60 watts, and a fan of 70 watts along with 2 CFL's of 40 watts would be a total of 170 watts. So, your requirement should be an inverter that can pull on this amount of power. You can also calculate your requirement easily on the Exide Care Site.

2. Checking the VA rating of the inverter: Buying an inverter with the correct volt-ampere rating is essential. VA measures the voltage and power supplied by the inverter into the appliances. VA or volt-ampere measures the total power requirement by the power factor.

3. Getting the right battery for inverter: It's best to power your inverter with an equally powerful inverter battery. Exide is India's leading manufacturer of inverter batteries. Get an Exide inverter to run your inverter and get the best out of it. Go to the find your Inverter Battery section on the Exide Care website to find the best high quality, Exide inverter battery.

Here are some of the Exide inverters you could choose from:

Exide Inverterz Star, Exide Inverterz GQP, and Exide Inverterz Magic.

Exide inverters are manufactured with the latest ASIC technology and suits your budget and requirement. Designed for domestic purposes, they are 100% reliable. Don't go for any cheap/ low price battery when you can get and inverter like Exide Inverterz - great in performance, quality and price.


All Exide inverters come with a warranty and are easily serviceable with Exide's Batmobile service. You can avail paperless warranty online on the Exide Care site by registering your battery.

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