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Need to buy the i20 diesel car battery ? Go for Exide!

By Exide
Need to buy the i20 diesel car battery ? Go for Ex

Are you owning a Hyundai i20 diesel car? Then, you must be looking for the best battery for optimal performance of your car. If you are wondering as to which brand of battery would be best for your i20 diesel car, then we would say, you can find the best match with Exide! EXIDE MILEAGE (ML75D23LBH) is the best i20 diesel car battery from Exide that you can opt for. The battery comes with a 55 month warranty and is easily available at Exide Dealer outlets near you. So, what makes an Exide Mileage battery best suited for any model of your i20 car? Let's find out!

• Exide's advanced R&D department has always ensured latest and best technology for battery manufacturing that can meet the electrical power demand of the new generation vehicles.

• Exide is considered a market leader in manufacturing of automotive batteries. The brand offers a wide range of car batteries for vehicles of multiple brands and types. You can find the best Exide battery for your car from the Find Your Battery section of this website, including the perfect car battery that would go with your Hyundai i20 diesel car.

• With every battery purchased, Exide offers online paperless warranty which can be availed with ease. All you need to do is register your i20 diesel battery from Exide for paperless warranty.

• These apart, you can enjoy the benefits of the Exide Batmobile service from your location. So, if your i20 car battery is giving you trouble, irrespective of its battery brand, you can simply connect with the Exide Batmobile service for a checkup or easy replacement of your battery at your doorstep!

While buying your i20 diesel car battery, here are certain facts that might help you:

• You should never choose a battery having Ah rating lower than the existing one. This might give you trouble while starting, especially while coming to cold starts. The battery life would also be affected.

• Choose a battery having higher CCA in case you are living in extreme climatic conditions

• A battery having a good reserve capacity should come in handy in case the alternator of your car fails to keep the car and lap running for a longer time.

• Check the battery dimensions carefully.

• While buying a battery it's also important you check the date of manufacturing.

Visit the Find Your Battery section and then place your inputs so that you can get the best Exide batteries to match the performance of your i20 diesel car. Trust Exide batteries! They are the best choice for your i20 diesel car.

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