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Power your Tata Ace Vehicle with an Exide Battery

By Exide
Power your Tata Ace Vehicle with an Exide Battery

The Tata Ace vehicle is one of the most popular of commercial vehicles running on Indian roads. The vehicle has been profitable for commercial vehicle owners for its cost, mileage, performance and on-road performance, the main reason behind its high demand. Being a leader in the Mini Truck category, the Tata Ace truck must be powered by a battery that can match its performance, like an Exide commercial vehicle battery. Exide offers a wide range of batteries best suited for all model types of the Tata Ace vehicle. Let's find out about some of the best Exide Batteries available for Tata Ace mini truck:

For Tata Ace 0.75T, Diesel, Ace HT,



For more details of batteries that would best fit a Tata Ace vehicle, visit the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care website and look under LCV/ HCV Batteries. Select the brand/ make as Tata Motors Limited, choose Ace as the vehicle type and select the fuel type to proceed. Get a list of batteries from Exide that would best suit a Tata Ace Vehicle. Purchase the Exide battery for your Tata Ace vehicle from the nearest Exide Dealer.

Available both as a Diesel and Petrol Variant, the Tata Ace vehicle is the first choice for business owners. Installing an Exide battery In a Tata Ace mini truck would give the vehicle owner complete peace of mind as Exide batteries are spill-proof, require no maintenance, comes with a warranty and easy replacement, are priced at the best market rates and are easy to install with complete assistance from Exide technicians and dealers. The batteries are readily available with Exide Dealers across locations. The very reason why many business owners in India having Tata Ace vehicles to carry out their daily work prefer to have an Exide battery to power their Tata Ace vehicle.

Every battery suited for a Tata Ace vehicle manufactured by Exide is 100% reliable and made with the latest Hybrid Alloy System technology - best for Indian climatic conditions at Exide's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The batteries are made to withstand rough terrains and vibrations that most Tata Ace commercial vehicles would have to endure on their daily journeys.

So, next time your Tata Ace vehicle battery needs a replacement, simply trust Exide!

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