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Power your Honda Amaze Car with an Exide Battery

By Exide
Power your Honda Amaze Car with an Exide Battery

Own a Honda Amaze? Then you would surely want to be aware of the best battery to choose for your Honda Amaze car whenever it needs a replacement. After all you would want to ensure that your Honda Amaze car always keeps up to its best performance on road and a good battery would definitely play an important role in this. If you are looking for the perfect automotive battery for your Honda Amaze diesel or petrol car, your answer lies with Exide. Exide, India's leading manufacturer of car batteries, offers the ideal battery for your Honda Amaze car. Let's find out which Exide car battery would suit your Honda Amaze car best!

To find out all you need to do is visit the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care website. Select your Brand of car as Honda Cars India Limited and your car model as Amaze. Select your fuel type - it could be Petrol and Diesel and initiate your search by clicking on Get It. You will see the list of Exide Batteries that would best go with your Honda Amaze car according to its fuel type.

For your Honda Amaze Diesel Car the best recommended Exide Battery is EXIDE MATRIX RED (MTRED45L). This high end spill-proof, maintenance free battery comes with a 66 month warranty and is readily available with your nearest Exide Battery Dealer.

There are a number of Exide Battery brands that would go best with your Honda Amaze Petrol variant, we recommend EXIDE MILEAGE (ML38B20L), EXIDE MATRIX RED (MTRED35L) and EXIDE EPIQ (EPIQ35L)

Each of these Exide batteries come with salient features like:

• Robust design that takes care of the stringent application requirement.
• Excellent spill-resistant characteristics.
• The batteries are maintenance free, durable and reliable and known for a long life expectancy.
• Withholds extreme weather conditions.

To know more visit the Know Your Battery section on the Exide Care site.

Here are some tips to protect your Honda Amaze diesel battery from unnecessary rear and tear:

• Limit the use of an electronic gadgets when the car engine is switched off:  While the car is switched off, you can turn off the electronic gazettes and that would save the battery from being unnecessarily drained off.

• Regular attention and maintenance: Keeping the battery clean is most important. In case you are not driving on a regular basis also, the engine should be started up regularly.

• Charging the battery once a week: When the car battery is non-functional it may get drained as well. When people return from vacation, they often experience a failure in starting their car which was lying without a movement for long. Remember, you should charge your battery at least once a week. However, in case, the lead-acid batteries are overcharged, they would release oxygen and hydrogen to form explosives and can break the water composition of the battery.

• Checking the water level: Most car batteries indicate the requirement of water.  Checking the car battery water levels might alert you if there is a requirement for water. In case you see that the battery warning sign is coming up then, it's time correct the water levels in the battery.

• Making longer trips: Make sure that you have longer trips planned on your way since shorter trips cause pressure on the battery. When charging and discharging are done at a rapid rate, there would be modifications to the temperatures in the battery and thereby making it susceptible to failure. While the battery is being insulated it would ensure a proper layer to increase longevity.

Don't forget to get your Honda Amaze diesel or petrol car battery checked by Exide technicians occasionally. It will save you from experiencing a sudden battery failure. Just connect with the very efficient Exide Batmobile service and our trained technician will reach your location to check your car battery no matter what brand or make and will also offer you an immediate replacement if required!

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