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Looking for the best battery brand for your Passion Pro bike? Trust Exide

By Exide
Looking for the best battery brand for your Passio

Imagine smooth bike rides and unforgettable trips, all powered by Exide's efficient battery for Passion Pro bikes. Whether you're navigating through your daily routine or exploring new horizons, Exide ensures your bike is always ready to roll. So, gear up, hit the road, and let Exide take your Hero Passion Pro experience to a new level!

Hero Passion Pro is a highly preferred bike in India, trusted by those who need a reliable transportation mode for their daily hassles. It is an excellent option for both daily commutes and exploring new roads. However, just like every other bike, your Hero Passion Pro also needs a reliable battery to perform its best, which is what EXIDE has to offer at the best price.

Here are some points that you should you consider while choosing the right Hero Passion Pro battery:

1. Unique Features:  You need to consider the size, voltage, and battery capacity your bike requires. This information is found on your bike's manufacturer's website or the user manual.

2. Battery Capacity: It is crucial to understand the battery capacity or how much energy the battery can store. If your bike is your daily on-road companion, you should go for a higher battery capacity. In contrast, a battery with a small capacity will be sufficient if you are an occasional rider.

3. Warranty: A hassle-free warranty is also something you should consider. Exide allows you to register your battery for warranty with only a few clicks on your device through Exide Care. You can also do so from an authorized EXIDE battery dealer. Know more about Exide warranty terms from here.

4. Convenient Pricing: Passion Pro Battery from Exide offers a seamless blend of performance and affordability. With a focus on suitable price, this battery provides a cost-effective solution for riders seeking reliable and budget-friendly energy for their journeys.

What are the best batteries for Hero Passion Pro?


For the complete Exide Passion Pro battery range and price visit the Find Your Battery - Two Wheeler section on the Exide Care site and follow the instructions.

You can easily find these batteries with authorized Exide battery dealers. Click here to locate the closest Exide dealer to purchase your Passion Pro battery.

Catering to a diverse range of individuals, from students to professionals, the Hero Passion Pro stands out as a 130cc bike equipped with xSens technology and a BS6 engine featuring programmed fuel injection, designed to deliver exceptional mileage; an ideal companion for India's bustling urban landscape, complemented perfectly by Exide batteries.

Get the best for your hero passion pro today from EXIDE.

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