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Tips to pick the best inverter for your home

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Tips to pick the best inverter for your home

A power cut may happen at any time without prior intimation. A sudden power cut is a danger to your computer and other electrical gadgets. If you want a continuous power supply, it's time for you to opt for an inverter for your home. If you want to pick the best inverter for your home, go for India's No#1 Inverter battery brand - EXIDE.

To find the best Exide inverter for your home, visit the website -, and then click on 'Find your battery'. Select Inverter and begin your search. Calculate your requirement and go on to find the most relevant Exide Inverter for your home.

So what should you keep in mind when looking for the best inverter for your home.

• Planning the wattage requirement is important - After calculating the total requirement of the gazettes at your home, you can pick an inverter accordingly. Say your total wattage requirement is 260 watts, you can opt for an inverter that can support up to 300 watts.

• You have to calculate the volt-ampere. The volt-ampere is basically the required power divided by the power factor. The power factor is basically the power at which the inverter operates. If an inverter operates at 70% efficiency, the power factor is 0.7. Dividing the entire wattage by power factor will give you the volt-ampere. Buying an inverter with a higher volt-ampere is best recommended.

There are various advantages of getting an Exide 'Inverterz' for your home.

• Guaranteed higher power output and longer life.
• Higher power backups.
• Minimal plate failures.
• The ability to withstand long and frequent outages
• 100% reliable
• Manufactured with the latest technology
• Fits your budget

Here are some of the Exide 'Inverterz' models you could go for:

Exide Inverterz GQP - High quality Pure Sine Wave, with LCD & LED - Dual display and Auto Smart Protections. Know more

Exide Inverterz Star - Advance microcontroller based Pure Sine Wave Output with LED Display for user interface. Know more

Exide Inverterz Magic - Suitable for mains low voltage operation, with controlled output voltage. Comes with smart In-built protections - Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed. Know more

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