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Exide offers Pulsar 150 battery at the best price!

By Exide
Exide offers Pulsar 150 battery at the best price!

Two-wheelers are best suited for maneuvering on Indian roads. Be it meandering lanes, potholes, or narrow streets, moving with a two-wheeler makes travelling so much easier. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 bike is one of the most preferred of bikes plying on Indian roads. If you own this high performing sporty bike, you would also want to keep it well-maintained especially during the wet monsoon months. Get a battery check done on your Pulsar 150 occasionally if you notice that your bike is giving starting problems and its performance is not as desired. If your technician recommends a battery replacement for your Bajaj Pulsar 150 bike, just go for Exide!

What are the tips for choosing the right two-wheeler battery for your Bajaj Pulsar 150?

1. Check the battery specification: Check your two-wheeler's specification to determine the size, voltage, and also capacity of the battery. You may even refer to the user's manual or the bike manufacturer's website for reference.

2. Consider the battery's capacity: The battery capacity is the amount of energy it stores. If you are too frequent with your bike, then a battery with a higher capacity is required. On the other hand, if you rarely drive the bike, a battery with a smaller capacity will do.

3. Battery warranty is significant: A warranty will assure your mental peace over any manufacturing defects or faults. Always buy a battery that covers a specific period, like one or two years.

To find the Exide battery best suited for your Bajaj Pulsar 150 bike at the best price visit the Find your battery' section on the Exide Care site. Go to the two-wheeler battery section under Find your battery' then select the brand as Bajaj Auto and from the drop-down menu, and the model as Pulsar 150. The best Exide battery for your Pulsar 150 along with its price will show up in the search results.

EXIDE XPLORE (12XL7B-B), with a 48-month warranty is best suited for your Pulsar 150. So whenever you are going for a battery replacement for your Pulsar 150 simply ask your Exide Dealer for this battery. Check the warranty terms while purchasing and do not forget to register your battery online for paperless warranty once you have made your purchase.

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