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Know what factors determine inverter prices in India

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Know what factors determine inverter prices in Ind

When you are buying an inverter, one of the most important factor that comes into consideration is the inverter price. Did you know? There are a number of factors that determine an inverter price in India. Once you have decided to buy an inverter, make sure the inverter price you pay matches the performance and requirement you are looking for.

Here are some of the factors that determine an Inverter price in India.

• VA rating of inverter: You will have to consider the VA rating of the inverter. Suppose there is a property that can take the load of 2 fans and 2 lights and another one that can take 4 fans and 4 lights. The price of the inverter would depend on the VA rating, properties, and your load requirement. Remember, the more heavy duty appliances or gadgets you want to function during power cuts, the more higher will be your inverter price.

• Type of batteries: The price of the inverter is largely dependent on the type of battery you choose. There are three types of inverter batteries-flat plate batteries, tubular batteries, and gel batteries. Inverter price often depends on the battery type it works with.

• Brand - An inverter from a reputed brand like Exide may often be priced higher than a local inverter brand for the trust and quality it offers with each of its products. You would obviously not compromise on the product quality!

Exide offers a wide range of high performing inverters systems at the best price, to keep your appliances, electrical gadgets and units like lights, fans, air conditioners etc. functioning smoothly during power failures. Manufactured with the latest technology these inverters can also be customized according to your requirement and budget.

These were some of the main factors governing an inverter price in India. If you are looking for the best inverter in India, go for Exide. Trusted over for years, Exide inverters come with the promise of best quality and service.

Visit,, and then click on 'Inverter batteries and inverters', 'calculate your requirement', and find the best Exide inverter within your budget on the site. Exide Inverterz GQP, Exide Inverterz Star, and Exide Inverterz Magic are the inverters to go for from Exide. Each come with a 24 month warranty and a host of features to fulfil your budget and requirement.

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