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Exide has the best car battery for your Volkswagon Polo

By Exide
Exide has the best car battery for your Volkswagon

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most stylish and sleekest of hatchbacks. Volkwagon comes with a 1000 CC TSI, three-cylinder engine with a BHP of 108.6. The latest models are BS-VI compliant, and loaded with features like windows, power steering, automatic-control, and has power-steering. This vehicle is very much a favourite for people who love small cars that are easy-to-drive in, along with sturdy features. However, just like any other car model, even a Volkswagen Polo car would need a battery replacement once the battery wears out or malfunctions for some reason.  Now, if you own a Volkswagen Polo and its battery needs a replacement, all you need to do is go for the best, opt for Exide. Find the best car battery to match the performance of your Volkswagen Polo car on the Exide Care website's Find Your Battery section! Let's get going!

We have done the search, and found a perfect Exide battery to match the performance of your Volkswagen Polo.

EXIDE MILEAGE (MLDIN60): This car battery from Exide comes with a robust design and has been manufactured with the latest technology at Exide's own manufacturing unit. The battery comes with a warranty of 55 months and can be purchased easily from your nearest Exide Dealer. If your existing battery needs a replacement, just connect with the Exide Batmobile service and get your battery checked, serviced or replaced without a hassle at your location.

While Exide batteries are maintenance free, being aware of a few car battery maintenance tips to increase the life of your Volkswagen Polo car battery is always useful!

1. Check your battery:  It's advisable that you keep checking your car battery occasionally. Nothing could be worse than a car getting stopped mid-way.

2. Check the acid level: Checking the acid level of your battery every six months is very much important. Make sure you check for acid stratification, as batteries when below 80% charge are subjected never to receive a full charge.

3. Adding water carefully: In case you see that the electrolyte levels are low, make sure to top them with distilled water. In case you have a stratified battery, the electrolytes would concentrate at the bottom.

4. Conducting a battery-loaded test: A battery-load test is to be conducted by the mechanic. This can be done every month. The battery service ensures that the device can work even in freezing temperatures.

5. Cleaning the battery:  You must clean the top of the battery terminals with dirt and debris. This can even cause corrosion of the material. You must clean the top of the battery around the terminals.

6. Keeping the cables tied: You may keep the cables tied so they don't move. This act would keep everything in a secured manner.

7. Not leaving the car idle for too long: It's very much essential that you drive your car every three days, else they might fall victim to stratification.

8. Keeping the battery warm: Cold weather could be bad for your battery since it's difficult for you to start the battery, but always keep the battery power consumption to the minimum level.

9. Not overcharging: You must not overcharge your battery as it could be harmful. While charging, check the battery every half an hour to see if it's progressing.

Choose an Exide battery for your Volkswagon Polo and enjoy complete peace of mind, especially with the Exide Batmobile doorstep hassle-free service to support that ensures easy delivery and free installation of your car battery!

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