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To buy the best inverted for your home, visit your nearest Exide Dealer

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To buy the best inverted for your home, visit your

Have you been scouting through the internet for the best inverter for your home? Look no further! Just trust Exide. Exide, India's number 1 inverter battery brand manufactures and sells inverter batteries and Home Inverter systems customized to suit your various needs and budget.

Exide the undisputed leader in the battery systems has designed its inverters or keeping in mind the need of its customers. Made with a perfect balance in design and output, to provide uninterrupted power supply the inverters are manufactured with the latest in sine wave and square wave technology to suit every application, load requirement, operating conditions and consumer budget. These high end inverters come with sophisticated digital control and display systems (LCD and LED panels) and are easy to maintain.

Some other features that define an Exide Inverter

• Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based Pure Sine Wave
• 100% pure copper transformers
• Wide mains input voltage (90 to 300)
• Use of Thermal Circuit Breaker

Exide inverters are soundless and long lasting. They are highly efficient and can run appliances at the same VA rating. The systems provide steady and uninterrupted power supply during high voltage fluctuations and power failures, preventing your expensive gadgets from being damaged.

You can go for a higher KVA or a lower KVA system depending upon your requirement.

Inverters with lower KVA include the following:

1) Exide Inverterz Magic
2) Exide Inverterz GQP
3) Exide Inverterz Star

If you are looking for the best inverter for your home with higher KVA go for

1) Exide Inverterz HKVA

Exide inverters can be purchased easily from your nearest Exide Dealer. Post purchase the inverter will be installed by Exide's trained technicians at the location of your choice. Buy an Exide Inverter for your home, relax and enjoy uninterrupted power supply during power outages! For long lasting experience always power your Exide Inverter with an Exide Inverter Battery which comes with it. Exide Inverters are a must have for today's modern homes and apartments when it comes to fighting occasional power outages to prevent your gadgets and electrical appliances from sudden shut downs that could damage them permanently.

Buy the best inverter for your house today! Get in touch with your nearest Exide Dealer, or connect with the Exide Batmobile service for Inverters. If you want to replace the battery of your existing inverter with an Exide inverter battery  call/ WhatsApp the Exide toll-free number 1800 103 5454 to place your requirement request.

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