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Monsoon maintenance tips for your Yamaha Fascino

By Exide
Monsoon maintenance tips for your Yamaha Fascino

During the wet monsoon months, if your mode of transport is a two-wheeler, you need to take extra precautions and be safe. If you own a Yamaha Fascino you would surely take measures to maintain your vehicle, right from the Yamaha Fascino battery to its engine and exteriors during the monsoons, so that you do not encounter any problems while riding through potholes and rain-washed streets.

To begin with, ensure that your Yamaha Fascino is powered by an Exide battery for best performance during the monsoons. EXIDE XPLORE (12XL5L-B) is considered to be the best battery suited for your Yamaha Fascino two-wheeler. Power your vehicle with this battery and enjoy smooth riding through the monsoon month!

Waterlogging and flooding due to monsoon rains are common in India. If your two-wheeler remains submerged in the water for a long time, here are some things to keep on your mind:

• Don't start your vehicle immediately as flood water may have penetrated into parts of your vehicle and can cause the vehicle damage if started.

• Disconnect the battery even if the motorcycle is not running. Ask a mechanic for assistance if you don't know the process.

• Removing the spark plug to avoid thread corrosion.

• Draining the water inside the two-wheeler. In fact, check if water intruded the inside of the exhaust pipe. Consult a mechanic in case if water is draining from the spark plug cavity or if your vehicle has shut down completely.

• Do check that all your lights and indicators are functioning well.

Here are some maintenance tips that you must follow throughout the monsoon season for your Yamaha Fascino:

1. Schedule regular maintenance: Scheduling a periodic check-up is essential. In case you are timely servicing your bike, then there can be regular maintenance. Monsoons might deteriorate your vehicle condition if not checked on a regular basis.

2. Teflon coating and dust protection layer: Two-wheelers come with either a fiber body or a metal body. Using Teflon coating on the panel can prevent it from rusting. Anti-rust or dust protection can assure longevity of the body.

 3. Tyre-check: Checking the condition of the tyres is important. During the monsoon, roads are slippery and can lead to a skid or fall. Ensure the tyres have a good grip, else tripling, or skidding can cause harm to your two-wheeler.

4.  Frequent cleaning: Cleaning the chains and other parts are important. The grease of the chain and other elements can be taken away by the mud and water. Cleaning and frequent lubing are important.

5.  Checking brakes: Checking the brakes during a rainy season is important. The breaks are affected by rainwater thereby losing their efficiency. Make sure your bike has an anti-lock braking system and can work easily on wet roads. You can get these special services done at the fuel station or call the team to check these for you.

6.  Checking Lights: Ensure that your vehicle battery has not run down and your two - wheeler lights are bright and functioning well.

Exide can give you assurance of quality and service when it comes to choosing the best battery for your two-wheeler. Power your Yamaha Fascino with an Exide battery and follow the simple maintenance tips listed above to ensure that your two-wheeler keeps running smooth during the wet monsoon season.

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