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Always Choose an Exide Battery for your Hero Glamour Bike

By Exide
Always Choose an Exide Battery for your Hero Glamo

Own a Hero Glamour Bike? Then, you would have experienced the comfort and smoothness that comes with this two wheeler while riding across miles, be it within the city or the highway! The latest models of this power packed bike also comes with a smart sensor technology to adjust vehicle performance automatically according to the terrains they are moving on! Super, isn't it?  Now, if you are wondering which battery go best with this power would machine, we would say always choose an Exide Battery for your Hero Glamour bike.

So, why choose Exide when you are looking for a battery for your Hero Glamour bike?

Exide batteries are designed with the latest VRLA and world-class Calcium Effects Technology and comes with the promise of zero maintenance and can be easily fitted. The power rating of an Exide bike battery is best suited for your Hero Glamour bike to support and maximize its performance.

For the electric start Hero Glamour bike, we recommend use of the following Exide batteries:


For the kick start model of the Hero Glamour bike, go for:


All Exide two wheeler batteries come with warranty and free installation, giving you complete peace of mind as you make a purchase. These leak proof batteries go best with your Hero glamour bike as you speed through destinations near and far, through roads rough and smooth. The Exide Xplore range of bike batteries manufactured by Exide offer battery models ideal for your Glamour bike. Every Exide bike battery made for your Hero Glamour bike is long lasting and designed to give high performance to your bike every day. Being maintenance free, you need not waste your valuable time by keep checking the battery electrolyte level or adding distilled water.

Buy your Hero Glamour bike battery from your nearest Exide dealer. Find a dealer closest to you through Exide's online Dealer Locator. Visit the dealer and make your purchase. Do not forget to register your two wheeler battery for paperless warranty by visiting the Warranty Registration section on the Exide Care website or you may ask your Exide Dealer for assistance. Your digital warranty card will make your future battery replacement process smooth and hassle-free.

So, keep surfing ahead on your smart, stylish and performance oriented Hero Glamour bike powered by an Exide two wheeler battery!

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