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How to locate the best inverter service centre near you?

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How to locate the best inverter service centre nea

An inverter is a must if you live in an area that experiences frequent power cuts. Inverters allow uninterrupted power supply during a power failure letting you work without a break and protecting your electrical appliances and gadgets from damage that may occur due to a sudden power failure. However, even inverters require regular maintenance to keep them functioning at their best. The very reason why if you own an inverter you would be looking up on the internet for an "inverter service centre near me".

Now, look no further, because the best inverter service is right at your fingertips! Exide's very popular Batmobile service offers immediate assistance to fix your Inverter. Just visit the Service Booking page on the Exide Care website and click on "For Exide Inverters". Submit your details and an experienced Batmobile technician will pay you a visit to check your Inverter. If your inverter is in need of a battery replacement, the same will be organized by the Batmobile technician visiting you and your new inverter battery will be delivered and installed.

Your inverter might become lesser susceptible to wear and tear once you follow some tips and maintain them meticulously.

Here are some tips for maintaining your inverter:

1. Keeping your inverter batteries corrosion and rust-free: Rusting reduces the current flow, slows down, and reduces the battery life. Keep the battery in a dry place and apply petroleum jelly.

2. Keeping in a cool place to avoid moisture:  Inverter should be installed in a well-ventilated area. A cool temperature can control the heating of the battery.

3. Checking the battery water level: Checking the battery water level is essential and should be maintained between the recommended levels.

4. Replacing the worn-out batteries: Replacing the worn-out batteries is essential. Buy inverter batteries that last longer.

5. Keeping batteries away from the heat: Keeping your battery away from fire and smoke can strengthen the capacity and save you from any possible explosion.

6. Energy-draining devices to be avoided: You can use energy-saving devices that reduce power consumption. A CFL or LED bulb will reduce the power intake by almost 75%. Using a ceiling fan with better copper wiring can consume less power.

To address any issue with your inverter simply avail the Exide Batmobile Service or call the Toll free number: 18001035454 or WhatsApp on -7044000000.  See! How easy it is! An inverter service near you is at your fingertips!

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