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Exide offers the best battery for Tata Nexon at a great price!

By Exide
Exide offers the best battery for Tata Nexon at a

Are you seeking a dependable Tata Nexon battery at a great price? The Tata Nexon stands out as one of the most-favoured choices among Indian four-wheeler riders, renowned for its captivating design, outstanding on-road performance, and impressive safety features. It seamlessly blends style with affordability.

However, your car cannot function with its full potential unless it has a powerful battery supporting its amazing features.
If you are looking for the ideal match for your Tata Nexon, Exide has just the right thing for your car. With Exide, you can now get the most reliable and powerful battery for Tata Nexon at the best price.

So, let's have a look at the battery options Exide offers for your Tata Nexon

Based on the specifications of Tata Nexon, here are the options that you can go for:

If your Tata Nexon runs on Petrol, your options are-



If your Tata Nexon runs on diesel, your options are-




Interested in learning more about these batteries? Simply visit the Exide Care website and navigate to the 'Find Your Battery' section. Here you can select Tata Nexon and view all the Exide Mileage batteries that would go best with this vehicle along with their price, features and specifications.

Do you know why these are the best batteries that you can go for?

These batteries are offered by the leading four-wheeler battery manufacturer – Exide. These batteries are not only are of the best-in-class quality but also provide excellent support for your Tata Nexon on the road.

Exide Mileage is made for Indian roads and is prepared for challenges unique to Indian on-road conditions such as random start-stops. Exide Mileage ensures your car has an exceptional performance so that you can enjoy your every trip to the fullest.

Exide also offers an extended warranty with these batteries for complete satisfaction. Exide Mileage offers warranty for up to 5 years/60 months, making it a great and reliable choice for your on-road companion. Explore Exide's warranty terms to learn more.

What's more? Exide Batmobile service.

Exide Batmobile allows you to get on-road and doorstep assistance whenever you need it. Booking this service is even easier! Just go to the service booking page on Exide Care website. Here, click on the "for any car battery" option and enter the required information. You can also book the service via WhatsApp and the number for that is 7044000000. Exide Batmobile technicians are there at your service in more than 300 locations across the country to offer you quick and efficient service.

Now, it's time to explore how you can get the perfect Exide Mileage battery for your Tata Nexon.

To get the battery, once you fix your mind on which battery you need for your car, just visit your nearest Exide Dealer. Even if you can directly visit your nearest authorized dealer to get A to Z guidance on which battery to get. Exide has verified dealers in 300+ locations so that regardless of where you live, you can always find one near you.

Wondering how to locate your nearest authorized EXIDE dealer? It's easy- just use the dealer locator on the Exide Care website to find the closest one.

So, why wait? Get the perfect Exide battery for your Tata Nexon at the best price today!

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