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Find the best inverter for your home at a great price with Exide

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Find the best inverter for your home at a great pr

Looking for the perfect inverter to keep your home powered up, even during those annoying sudden power cuts? Exide has got you covered! You can get a top-quality inverter at a great price from Exide without any hassles.

Exide Inverterz are designed to handle the power supply conditions in India, ensuring you have uninterrupted electricity at home. No more suffering from unexpected power outages! These inverters can also handle random voltage fluctuations, keeping your electronic devices safe from damage.

Exide Inverterz range of Inverters use the latest technology to provide reliable power during blackouts. And if you're curious about exploring all the options, you can go through the entire Exide range of Inverterz that include:

Exide Inverterz Star - With improved pure sine wave output and great user interface, it is a star performer suitable for Mains and Low Voltage Operations.

Exide Inverterz Magic - With smart built-in protections against Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed and more, this is an ideal inverter for your home. With controlled output voltage, it is suitable for mains low voltage operations.

Exide Inverterz GQP. - A superior inverter that comes with 100% copper transformer, high quality Pure Sine Wave, Dual display and Auto Smart Protections. Also, it is a great power saver.

These inverters are not only efficient but also come with a warranty period. If you want to know more about their warranty terms, you can find all the details here. Do you know what's the best part? You can even register your inverter through the Exide Care website for a paperless and hazard-free warranty.

Wondering how to put your hands on a dependable Exide Inverter? It's easy.

You can purchase one from your nearest Exide dealer, after checking out all the available options on the Exide Care website. The site provides all the information you need and helps you calculate your power requirements, making it simple to find the right inverter for your home, including the price and warranty.

When it comes to installation and other services related to your inverter, Exide makes it hassle-free. You can enjoy convenience with Exide Batmobile service that will allow you to install a quick replacement of your existing inverter with just a few taps on your phone. Exide Batmobile technicians will come to your doorstep to provide all the services you need for your inverter. It's easy!

With Exide Inverterz range of inverters, you can say goodbye to frustrating power cuts. Get your Exide Inverter today and enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your home!

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