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Introducing Exide Integra - Integrated Inverter with Li-ion technology

By Exide
Introducing Exide Integra - Integrated Inverter wi

The latest addition from Exide, India's No.1 inverter battery manufacturer is Integra! The Company has launched its range of lithium-ion based power back up system - Integra - for home and small office segment. This is the company's first foray into the lithium-ion based home power back up system, popularly known as home inverters. So, if you have been waiting for the best lithium ion battery inverter to be available in India, it's here!

Exide Integra - the integrated power back-up system with Li-ion - Live the Li-ion Life!

Targeted at the higher end of the market that is quality and environment conscious, this smartly designed, safe to operate and very stylish Exide Integra is built with a neo-compact look. This user-friendly design and features have been created to complement the modern home and lifestyle.

So what makes this lithium ion battery inverter manufactured in India stand apart?

Integra Product Features

•  Highly efficient, integrated Pure Sine Wave inverter system with inbuilt Li-Ion battery
•  5 Years product warranty against manufacturing defects on both inverter and battery.
•  Sleek, wall mounted design thereby saving floor space.
•  Zero maintenance, high life-cycle Li-Ion batteries.
•  No fumes, no acid spillage, less humming, clean, and hassle-free environment.
•  User friendly display screen for better interface.
•  Comes in 2 SKUs, IINTEGRA700 (450 Watts) & INTEGRA1000 (720 Watts)
•  Faster battery charging than lead acid battery commencing at low input voltage.
•  Automated intelligent battery charge management.
•  Automatic protection controls like overload, battery low, heat-up & short circuit
•  Mains overload protection through resettable switch

LCD Display Features

•  Graphical Tri Colour LCD for better user's interface with Soft Touch Switches
•  Displays real time clock and ambient temperature
•  Display of back-up time and charging time.
•  Snow white text with black LCD backlight in back-up mode operation
•  Green text with black LCD backlight in charging mode operation
•  Red LCD backlight protection mode operation
•  Displays applied load in %age as well as graphical bulb indication
•  Displays flow of charge from mains to battery or load or both (battery & load)
•  Displays actual ac mains input and output in numerical form
•  Displays actual battery voltage in numerical form as well as in bar graph
•  Displays any protection coming like overload, short circuit, battery low, battery higher, over temperature.

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity 450W / 563VA 720W / 900VA
Net Weight (with Battery) 22.65 Kg 25.95 Kg
Product Dimension (H*W*T) 665.00 * 405mm * 140mm
Max. Charging Current 5Amp ± 0.5Amp 8Amp ± 0.5Amp
Battery Boost Voltage 56.4V ± 0.4V
Charging Technique Automatic Sense Battery Management System
Change Over Time (in UPS Model) ≤ 10msec
No Load Output Voltage 225V ± 5V
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 1Hz
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Battery Voltage 51.2V (In-Built Lithium-Ion Battery)
Battery Low Cut Off 48V ± 0.4V
Mains Voltage Range (in Normal Mode) 90V - 290VAC ± 10V
Mains Voltage Range (in UPS Mode) 180V - 270VAC ± 10V

The Exide Integra is available in two sizes. While one is targeted towards the nuclear family or low power cut areas, the other one is targeted towards moderate to longer power cut areas. Get the Exide Integra! Choose from INTEGRA700 (450 Watts) & INTEGRA1000 (720 Watts). To purchase check for availability with your nearest Exide Dealer. (Presently available at select Exide outlets).

While traditional home power back up systems are bulky and come as two units - the electronic system and the battery, Integra is a sleek, single unit that can even be wall mounted where the battery and electronics are integrated together in a smart package. The Integra unit is also relatively much lighter than lead acid battery based systems and as such has easy portability. It has a much smaller footprint also to save on space.

Being lithium-ion based it does not require any water top up or maintenance. Since there is no acid inside these units they are less hazardous than lead acid based systems which makes this product environment friendly.

Post purchase of your Exide Integra, do not forget to register the product for paperless warranty on the Exide Care site. To register your Exide Integra for warranty*- Click Here!

Bring the revolutionary technology of Li-ion home. Get the best lithium ion battery inverter available in India.

* Warranty T&C Apply.

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