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Live the Li-ion Life! Get an Exide Integra Lithium Ion Inverter

By Exide
Live the Li-ion Life! Get an Exide Integra Lithium

Are you all set to move ahead with times when it comes to choosing the right inverter for your home? Then, go for the Exide Integra lithium ion- inverter. Built with a neo-compact look and user-friendly design, this lithium ion battery inverter from Exide, India's leading manufacturer of inverter and automotive batteries, compliments your modern lifestyle. Choose from IINTEGRA 700, and INETGRA 1000.

Let's find out how the smart, safe and stylish Exide Integra powered with the next-gen tech of lithium ion- inverter stands apart from a normal inverter.

Why go for a power back-up system with lithium-ion battery?

• Logistics & Portability: It's easy to transport the battery from one place to another since there is no fear of spilling the acid inside.
• Fast charging capacity: In comparison to lead acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries charge faster. In fact, two hours is enough to get the battery charged, while lead acid batteries take almost ten hours or more.
• Easy maintenance: Lithium batteries do not require any maintenance to ensure performance unlike the nickel-cadmium cells. Lithium batteries have no memory effect i.e., they do not have to be completely discharged before recharging.
• Highly efficient: The lithium batteries have a higher density and a stable, long-lasting power. The power density enables usage of power requirements in gazettes like laptops and mobile phones.
• Increased life span: The batteries have a life span of over 10 years in average. They can handle more than 3000 times of charge-discharge cycles.
• No fumes, better and sustainable technology.
• Space saving. Occupies much lesser space in comparison to conventional systems

What makes Exide Integra one of the best lithium ion battery inverter available in India?

Packed with features:

• Highly efficient, integrated Pure Sine Wave inverter system with inbuilt Li-Ion battery.
• The product has a five-year warranty against the manufacturing defects of the battery and inverter.
• The sleek and wall-mounted design saves floor space. Best for modern homes.
• Comes with a zero maintenance and high life cycle Li-on battery.
• There are no fumes and no acid spillage in the battery. This leads to a lesser humming and hassle-free environment.
• User-friendly display screen. Graphical tri-colour LCD and soft touch switches for better interface. Displays real-time clock, ambient temperature, back-up and charging time. Displays actual AC mains input and output in numerical form and more.
• Exide Integra lithium ion inverter, comes with faster battery charging capacity than lead acid batteries commencing at a low input voltage.
• Has automated and intelligent battery charge management.
• Automatic protection controls like low battery, overhead, heat-up, and short circuit.
• Mains overload protection through a resettable switch.

Switch over to the smart and stylish Exide Integra, one of the best lithium ion battery inverter in India and give your modern room the look it deserves along with uninterrupted enhanced power back-up at all times! Get your Exide Integra from your nearest Exide Dealer! And, don't forget to register your Exide Integra for paperless warranty once you have made your purchase.

You can also register your Exide Integra through:

• SMS : Just SMS "REGISTER" to 9223009988
• CALL : 1800-103-5454

It's time to opt for a future that's sleeker and smarter like never before!

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