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Know how to select the right inverter battery for your home

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Know how to select the right inverter battery for

The monsoon has arrived, bringing a humid atmosphere to the country. Talking about the power supply scenario in India, abrupt power cuts are extremely common. To stop the random power cuts from interrupting your daily life, all you need is an efficient inverter and a powerful inverter battery for your home that can immediately take over when the power goes off.

Looking for the best inverter battery for your home? Look no further as Exide offers just the thing you are looking for. Exide inverter batteries are specially curated for the Indian weather scenario. These batteries can withstand long power outages and efficiently handle frequent blackouts.

What things to keep in mind while choosing the right inverter battery for your home?

Get your load right

Identify the power load for which you'll be needing the inverter battery. Don't know how to calculate your load? Don't worry, Exide has made it easier. You can now easily calculate your power consumption here and get the right inverter battery as per your requirements.

Battery backup

Go for an inverter battery that offers great battery backup to offer you uninterrupted power supply during extended power outages


An efficient inverter battery will immediately take over in case of abrupt power cuts to keep all your devices safe. Also remember, the greater the battery capacity, the more efficient the inverter battery.

Lifespan and maintenance

It is always best to go for an inverter battery that requires minimal maintenance efforts and also offers quality service for an extended lifespan. For the same reason, it is better to go for an inverter battery that covers an extended warranty period.

Exide Range of Inverter Batteries

Exide has a range of inverter batteries, all made using advanced technology to offer convenience and satisfaction.

Exide Range of Tubular Inverter Batteries

Exide Invatubular - This is an advanced tubular inverter battery that comes with a 66-month warranty. There are several batteries under this range so that you can choose one as per your requirements. This battery offers amazing longevity and is a low-maintenance battery that comes with 1200 cycles at 80% DOD.

Exide Invabrite Tubular - It is a low-maintenance inverter battery that offers hassle-free convenience to its users. This lead-acid battery range ensures uninterrupted and regular power supply during blackouts. This inverter battery comes with a 42-month warranty. Explore the batteries of this range here.

Exide Invamaster - This inverter battery comes with a tubular plate design and is an ideal choice if you are looking for an inverter battery suitable for deep discharge. This inverter battery comes with a 60-month warranty. This battery is designed with thicker plates and 20% more electrolyte to withstand longer power outages. Explore all the batteries of this range here.

Exide Invazest - Exide Invazest is another powerful inverter battery that comes with Zero Emission Spill Proof technology for hassle-free maintenance. It is a special inverter battery that comes with a smart silica bond. This battery comes with a 72-month warranty for extended satisfaction. Explore the battery options of this battery range here.

Exide Invahomz - Another advanced low-maintenance battery from Exide that allows users to enjoy uninterrupted power supply. This battery range comes with the capability to control deep discharge conditions with short frequencies. This high-quality battery range comes with a 48-month warranty. Go through the complete range here.

Flat Plate Inverter Battery

Exide Invabrite Flat - It is a flat plate battery by Exide that offers a 42-month warranty and low-maintenance convenience. This battery also comes with unique fume and leak resistance technology. Explore the complete range here.

As mentioned, all these batteries come with amazing quality and great warranty periods. Want to know more about Exide warranty terms and conditions? Click here.

Thinking about where you can get the Exide inverter battery that can ideally match all your power supply scenarios? Exide has made it easy. All you need to do is go to the "Dealer Locator" on the Exide Care site and locate your nearest dealer to reach out to them. There are more than 1 lakh Exide stores across the country so that you can easily find one near you. Exide dealers will help you get the perfect inverter battery for your home without any hassles.

So, grab the best Exide inverter battery for your space today and forget the hassles caused by random power outages.

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