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Exide Battery is the best for your Swift Dzire car

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Exide Battery is the best for your Swift Dzire car

Known for delivering high mileage, the Maruti Swift Dzire is one of the best sedan cars when it comes to convenience with style. The perfect blend of looks and efficiency makes it one of the most popular compact sedan plying on Indian roads. If you are looking for the best battery for your Maruti Swift Dzire, just go for Exide. Exide, a market leader in manufacturing of car batteries offers a wide range of car batteries with robust in design and performance to suit your Maruti Swift Dzire car.

To find out which Exide Battery is the best fit for your Maruti Swift Dzire, visit, and click on 'Find your battery'. Then, go to the dropdown and select the link for Car/Suv/Muv batteries. You can select the manufacturer as Maruti Suzuki Limited and then the car model and fuel type to get the results.

For your Maruti Swift Dzire diesel variant, the best Exide battery to go for would be


For your Maruti Swift Dzire petrol variant, the Exide battery to go for would be the all new


Here are some tips to choose the right battery for your Maruti Swift Dzire car:

• Check out the owner's manual having information about battery dimensions. Keep this in mind while picking your battery.
• Never choose a battery having an AH rating lower than the existing battery. It can give you starting troubles especially when it's a cold start.
• Choosing a battery with a higher CCA can be beneficial especially when the temperature gets low.
• A battery with a good reserve capacity is preferred in case the alternator of the car fails.
• You should check the battery dimensions. The battery boxes are standardized and you should check to see if it fits the car snugly.
• The most common batteries are lead acid batteries. The dry cell batteries can be more expensive but have a longer life.
• While buying a battery, always check the manufacturing date mentioned in the battery.

Don't forget to register your Exide battery for paperless warranty once you have made your purchase from your nearest Exide Dealer. Since the battery is the most integral part of your Swift Dzire car, do get your battery checked and replaced only by Exide professionals. Connect with Exide Batmobile*.

*Service available in select cities across India.

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