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Looking For A Battery For Maruti 800 at the best price? Go for Exide!

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Looking For A Battery For Maruti 800 at the best p

The Maruti 800 car happens to be one of the most popular people's vehicle in India since its launch. It could be defined as the most sought after car best suited for Indian roads. This mid-sized, cozy family car could serve all purposes of comfort and transportation for decades. If you are looking for the perfect Maruti 800 car battery, at the best price then simply look for it in the Exide website. The best Exide batteries for your Maruti 800 car would be Exide Mileage and Exide Eezy range of car batteries.

Both the Exide Mileage and Exide Eezy range of car batteries are not just best suited for your Maruti 800 car to enhance its performance, but also come at an affordable price. The batteries come with a warranty and can be easily replaced by Exide Technicians if you opt for the Exide Batmobile service for car batteries when your car battery fails or needs a replacement.

So, what are some of the factors to consider while looking for a Maruti 800 car battery at the best price?

Most car batteries can last from 3-5 years, but that depends on the climatic conditions, your usage, and maintenance and, of course, the nature of trips - through off-road and rough terrains. Here are some tips to consider while buying a car battery:

• The size of the battery makes a great difference, and there is a marked distinction between the length, breadth, and height of the same. The right battery is the one that fits perfectly between the tray and prevents some damage that arises out of vibrations.

• The freshness of a battery makes a great difference. In each battery, there is a code with a letter and a number. This would indicate the batch and the time of manufacture. You must never buy a battery that is more than six months old anyways.

• Checking the reserve capacity of the battery is very much important. Reserve capacity refers to the time a battery can go through before getting discharged. The car can go through tough situations like a non-compliant engine, alternate failure, and whenever the lights are kept on accidentally.

• Always check the CCA of the car since that's the benchmark you grade your car and its capacity to start at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. CCA applies much to a colder climate and batteries that can exist through that situation.

• There are two types of batteries, mainly low-maintenance, and maintenance-free batteries like the Exide car batteries. Low-maintenance batteries are those that are unsealed and allow adding distilled water occasionally.

• You must buy batteries that have a long period of warranty and free replacement like Exide car batteries.

• The decision to buy a battery for your car depends a lot on the ampere-hour, battery life, and also some previous experience.

Exide has always been a leader in car battery manufacturing in India, all the more reason to pick an Exide battery for your Maruti 800 car, and what's more, each battery comes at an affordable price that your first salary could ever afford. There is an emotion attached to every Maruti car and a middle-class Indian family. So visit your nearest Exide Dealer or connect with the Exide Batmobile Service to get your Maruti 800 running on an Exide battery. Oh! And once you have made your purchase don't forget to register your car battery for paperless warranty on the Exide Care site.

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