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Jumpstarting didn't help? Time to get a new car battery for your Honda Amaze

By Exide
Know How to Find a Quick Battery Replacement for Y

Car batteries are not meant to last forever. Depending on the weather conditions, how you use your car and maintain it, the battery on your Honda Amaze can usually function for three to five years, at most.

Jumpstarting a car is one of the easiest solutions that come to mind when you get stuck with a weak battery. But there are times when even a jumpstart fails to revive your existing battery, which indicates that it's entirely dead or discharged. If you face a similar situation with your Honda Amaze car and are not sure how to find an easy replacement, here is some help.

How to find a quick battery replacement for your Honda Amaze

Exide Care presents an entire range of four-wheeler batteries for you to choose from. However, car batteries are model-specific and should be purchased based on the dimensions of the battery compartment in the car and power requirements. Here's where you can check out the suitable options from Exide:

1. Click here if you're searching batteries for a Honda Amaze car - diesel variant

2. Click here if you're searching batteries for a Honda Amaze car - petrol variant

Once you select a battery after verifying and comparing features, specifications, warranty coverage and pricing on the Exide Care website, you can go to the ‘Find a Dealer' section to search for Exide authorized dealers or retailers near you. Contact them directly to check availability of the Honda Amaze battery you selected and visit their stores to finalise your product purchase.

Having problems with your existing Honda Amaze battery?

You can simply connect with the Exide Batmobile team over call on 1800-103-5454 or over WhatsApp on 7044000000.

If you're not sure whether an immediate battery replacement is required, you can first give a call to Exide Batmobile to double check on the existing battery health. Experts from the brand will reach at the location specified by you to check if your existing Honda Amaze battery needs just a powerful push to continue working, or if the connections need to be fixed. In case you need a new battery, the Exide Batmobile team can help you choose a replacement battery option and will even arrange one for you.

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