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Know How Can You Get A Trusted Battery for Tata Tiago at A Great Price

By Exide
Know How Can You Get A Trusted Battery for Tata Ti

Looking for an efficient battery for your Tata Tiago car? You are at the right place. Exide offers the best battery for your Tata Tiago car at a great price. Tata Tiago is a dependable four-wheeler for all your journeys, be it daily commutes or long-distance travels. Paired with an Exide battery, it ensures uninterrupted journey, making it the perfect combination for your adventures.

What is the best battery for Tata Tiago offered by Exide?

Depending on the specifications of your Tata Tiago, EXIDE MILEAGE(MLDIN44R) is the best option for you if you have a Tata Tiago (BS IV) vehicle running on Diesel. The Exide Mileage battery is tailored to excel on Indian roads, offering superior quality. It's the ultimate choice for four-wheelers, meticulously crafted with your needs in mind to ensure uninterrupted exploration every time.

So, why go for Exide?

In simple terms, Exide offers the best for you and your car.

• Unmatched quality

Exide batteries are made by using the most advanced technology to boost the performance of your car. These batteries are uniquely designed to meet the specific demands of India. Whether navigating through uneven landscapes, enduring harsh weather conditions, or handling frequent start-stop situations typical of Indian roads, Exide batteries are perfectly suited for all challenges. With Exide, you’ll get the battery that perfectly matches the specifications of your Tata Tiago.

• Effortless reach

You can reach to any verified Exide dealer near you without any hassles and get the perfect battery for your Tata Tiago at the best price. If you're unsure which battery to select for your Tata Tiago, Exide dealers are here to assist you with the necessary advice and support. Exide has verified dealers in more than 300 locations across India with over 1 lac Exide store. So, no matter where you live, you’ll always get the assistance you need. You can also easily locate your nearest dealer to get your battery by using Exide’s dealer locator.

• Service convenience

Whether you need doorstep service for your Tata Tiago battery or require emergency assistance while on the road, the Exide Batmobile service is just a few taps away to help you out.

You can book Batmobile service by going through the service booking page of the official Exide Care site. Here, you need to go to “For any car battery” option and enter the details of your Tata Tiago along with your contact details and OTP. Alternatively, you can also book your service on WhatsApp as well at 7044000000 or by calling at 18001035454.

Exide Batmobile is there to provide you expert service in more than 300 locations to offer you hassle-free and convenient service.

• Online warranty

All Exide batteries come with a warranty. For example, the Exide Mileage battery for Tata Tiago comes with 60 months warranty! Exide also makes sure you don’t need to hassle to register your battery warranty and that’s why, Exide offers the option for online warranty registration. Want to know about Exide’s warranty terms and conditions? Click here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the perfect battery for your Tata Tiago car at the best price today with Exide, and unleash your car's untapped capabilities.


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