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How to choose the best battery for your Honda Amaze car?

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How to choose the best battery for your Honda Amaz

Drive a Honda Amaze car? On the lookout for the most suitable car battery for your Amaze car at the best price? Choosing the best battery for your car might be a critical task. You should never compromise on the price or the quality of the battery you get for your Amaze car, if you are looking for its optimal performance. To go for the best choose Exide. Exide Mileage and Exide Matrix brands have batteries that will be a perfect match with your Honda Amaze car.

Here are some battery buying tips for your Amaze car.

• Every car comes with the owner's manual. Hence, it would be best to look for the ampere-hour ratings, the CA, and the CCA ratings. If you don't have one, you can look on the body of the existing battery for the necessary ratings and information.

• Never look for a battery with AH ratings lower than the existing one. This might give you trouble while starting. Battery life is highly affected in that case.

• Having a battery with a good reserve capacity comes in handy. If your alternator fails, it can keep the lamps running for longer.

• Checking the battery dimensions is essential. Mostly, the battery boxes are standardized, but it's good to keep a check on the fit.

• Whenever you buy a battery, check the date of manufacturing. In case it's not mentioned, you can check the code that indicates the manufacture date.

To find the best battery for your Honda Amaze car visit the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care site and look for the best Exide batteries to match the performance of your car.

Here are some of the best Exide Batteries for your Honda Amaze petrol car:

EXIDE MILEAGE (ML38B20L) - 55 month warranty EXIDE EPIQ (EPIQ35L) - 77 month warranty, EXIDE MATRIX RED (MTRED35L) - 66 month warranty.

The Exide Battery best suited for your Honda Amaze diesel car :

EXIDE MATRIX RED (MTRED45L) - 66 month warranty.

To buy an Exide Battery for your Honda Amaze car, locate your nearest Exide dealer. Made your purchase? Get your battery registered for paperless warranty online. If your Honda Amaze car suffers a breakdown in the middle of your journey, you also have the facility of utilizing Exide's very popular Batmobile road service for cars. Once you connect with this service, an expert technician will be allotted to you to solve the issue with your car and even help you with a battery replacement if required. Super! Isn't it?

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