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The Best Home Use Inverters from Exide

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The Best Home Use Inverters from Exide

If you experience frequent power cuts in the locality that you live in, you would definitely be on the lookout for a good inverter to solve your power crisis issues. Now, rely on the best home use inverters from Exide to avoid facing a blackout during power cuts. Afterall, you would definitely want to invest in an inverter that would give you true value for money in terms of performance and price.

The market for inverters is flooded with brands offering inverters or inverters with a variety of features, designs and prices. But, why consider others when you have the opportunity to choose one of the best inverters in India for home use – Exide Inverters. Paired with India's No. 1 Exide inverter battery, Exide inverters have been powering up homes of all shapes and sizes since decades.

Exide Inverters systems are available in three models:

1. Exide Inverterz GQP

The Exide Inverterz GQP models are available in models GQP1050, GQP12V1450, GQP1450, GQP650 and GQP850. These DSP Based Pure Sine Wave Inverter Systems are best for home use in areas frequented with power cuts. All the models come with a 24 month warranty.

2. Exide Inverterz Star

Available presently* in models Exide Inverterz Star (STAR1050)(STAR1450), (STAR650) and (STAR850), these inverters come with a warranty of 24 months and are manufactured with microcontroller based pure sine wave technology to give you power backup without a break. The pure sign wave technology used in manufacturing is best for home appliances like television sets and refrigerators.

3. Exide Inverterz Magic

Made with Microcontroller Based Square Wave Technology the Exide Inverterz Magic range of Inverters are one of the best inverters for homes in India. Best for running your electrical appliances during power failures, these inverters for home use from Exide are not just made to provide support during power fluctuations and failures but are also designed smartly to suit your modern home. They provide steady grid quality power that is essential to safeguard your precious electronic gadgets like a smart TV or laptops, functioning during power cuts.

Before you buy your Exide inverter for home use, do not forget to calculate your power requirement. You can do this easily on the Exide Care site. Just visit the Find Your Inverters section on the site and follow these steps:

• Click on the Calculate Your Requirement button.
• Select the appliances you want to run along with their quantity
• The total load in watts required in your home will be displayed on screen
• Click on the Find Relevant UPS button to get the details of the Exide Inverter model that would best suit your requirement
• Make your purchase at your nearest Exide Dealer Point or through the Exide Batmobile Service for Inverters. You can also call on 1800-103-5454 or send a WhatsApp to 70440 00000.
• To find your nearest Exide Dealer- Click Here.

Exide inverters are the best inverters for use at homes in India. Choose from a wide range of cost effective, safe to use models, with state-of-the-art features and enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your home.

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