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Replace Your WagonR Battery with an Exide Battery

By Exide
Replace Your WagonR Battery with an Exide Battery

The WagonR, widely favoured as a robust four-wheeler in India owing to its resilient build and appealing traits, embodies a reliable and robust vehicle suitable for daily commutes and occasional long drives. However, this formidable car requires a suitably adept partner-a capable battery. This is precisely where Exide comes into play, offering the finest battery for your WagonR, ensuring peak performance on-road.

If you are searching for an enhanced WagonR battery at the best price, your quest ends here; place your trust solely in Exide Batteries. The Wagon-R, adept at providing a comfortable ride even on the uneven roads of India, finds its perfect match in an Exide battery, seamlessly bestowing uninterrupted power to your car.

You might wonder why EXIDE. Let's break it down.

1. Diversity: Exide offers plenty of options when it comes to WagonR batteries. Just go through your car's specifications on the manufacturer's website or the user manual and get the perfect battery to match your car with EXIDE. It just takes a few taps on your device.

To view the best Exide Battery and its price for your WagonR petrol car Click here!
Some of the best options are EXIDE DRIVE (DRIVE35L), EXIDE RIDE (RIDE35L), EXIDE MILEAGE (ML38B20L), EXIDE EPIQ (EPIQ35L), and EXIDE MATRIX RED (MTRED35L) for your WagonR!
Check out Exide batteries for your Petrol/ LPG/ CNG driven Wagon R car in the Find Your Battery section on Exide Care site.

2. Excellent Quality: Go for uncompromising quality; when selecting the optimal battery for your WagonR. Prioritize durability and exceptional attributes - precisely what Exide provides: enduring batteries with impressive features. For instance, WagonR batteries from Exide come with increased CCA and excellent reserve capacity.

3. Convenient Servicing: Who wants to avoid hassle-free doorstep service? In today's busy world, it has become a need. Exide Batmobile offers the utmost convenience and allows you to get your car checked for any battery issue or call for a battery replacement from Exide in a few clicks!

4. Long-time Warranty: A decent warranty is a must when investing in an efficient car battery. Exide covers you with an extended warranty period for all WagonR batteries. All you need to do is register your EXIDE battery for paperless warranty with a few simple clicks on your device through EXIDE Care, and it's done. Know more about EXIDE warranty terms here.

How to get an EXIDE battery for WagonR?

 If you seek the best and the most efficient EXIDE battery for your WagonR, you can book it within a few seconds from Exide care. Whether your Wagon runs on fuel, LPG, or petrol, Exide has just the right thing for you. Get an Exide battery from your nearest authorized EXIDE dealer.

The WagonR battery price depends on the battery model you choose. The cost can also vary on fuel type. You can easily find the best match for your WagonR here and check the price.

WagonR is a magnificent car built to conquer Indian roads, and Exide offers the batteries tailored for it.

Get an Exide battery now.

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