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To get optimum on-road performance for trucks, pick Exide batteries

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To get optimum on-road performance for trucks, pic

With so many battery options available in the market, searching for truck batteries might not be that difficult. However, if you're looking for one that is suitable for commercial use, has the best life expectancy, can withstand tough weather and road conditions besides being affordable, Exide is the best brand you can rely on.

Exide's range of LCV/HCV Batteries can be the instant off-the-rack solution for your trucks and commercial vehicles if you're looking for a ready battery replacement. Here are a few reasons why Exide batteries can be the best choice for your trucks and commercial vehicles:

1. Exide batteries for light and heavy commercial vehicles are heavy duty batteries that are available at competitive prices in the market.

2. The LCV/HCV batteries are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and are manufactured keeping the Indian climate and terrains in mind.

3. Commercial vehicle batteries from the brand uses Hybrid Alloy System which ensures that the products can endure Indian environment and high under-bonnet temperatures.

4. The battery variants come in special polypropylene containers with strengthened ribs, which ensure that those can withstand severe operating conditions and arduous vibrations while the vehicle is in motion.

5. The batteries are quick to recharge, leak resistant and low on maintenance.

6. Exide maintains an extensive network of dealers and retailers across the country, which in turn can assure you of ready availability of its products along with prompt service assistance.

How to find suitable Exide batteries for your truck or commercial vehicle

Exide offer two distinct range of batteries for trucks and commercial vehicles, namely Exide Gold and Exide Xpress. The products under both the range come with varying Ah capacity and technical specifications, which determine how well those are suited to the four-wheeler make and models.

Exide Xpress is deemed as India's No. 1 Truck Battery due to its performance and popularity in the country.

To find out which battery from the Exide LCV/HCV range will be best suited for you, here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit

2. Go to the 'Find Your Battery' section on the website and click on the tab saying 'LCV/HCV Batteries'

3. Select the brand/make of your vehicle, followed by the model name and the fuel type

4. Click on 'Get It!' to check out the battery variants suitable for your truck or commercial vehicle.

Once you check out the product features, specifications and pricing, you can locate an Exide battery dealer nearest to you. You can then contact them directly to check availability of your selected product and make a replacement battery purchase at the earliest, so you can continue with your business as usual.

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