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Exide Batteries are best for your Hero Splendor Bike

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Exide Batteries are best for your Hero Splendor Bi

Want to get a battery replacement for your Hero Splendor bike? Opt for Exide! Let's find out which Exide two-wheeler battery would best suit your high performing Hero Splendor bike.

To find the Exide battery that would best match the performance of your Hero Splendor bike, visit the Find Your Two-Wheeler battery section on the Exide Care site. Choose Hero MotoCorp Limited as the manufacturer and Splendor as the model. Select the start type and click on Get It! That's it! The results would show you the best Exide Batteries that you could go for installing in your Hero Splendor bike. Simply pick the one you prefer!

The best Exide batteries that we recommend for your Hero Splendor bike are:

EXIDE XPLORE (12XL2.5-C): This battery comes with a warranty of 48 months and weighs 1.1 kgs. Having a dimension of 80 x 70 x 105, this battery is left aligned too.

Both the batteries are reasonably priced and readily available with your nearest Exide Dealer.

Do you know of some of the factors that you need to consider while buying a battery for your two-wheeler?

Here are some of the essential factors to be considered while you are looking for a battery for your two-wheeler.

Size of the battery: Checking the dimensions of the new battery is very critical. You will have to check the space and accordingly accommodate a new battery. In case the space falls shorter, there would be difficulty adjusting the battery to your bike.

Polarity: Check the polarity of the old motorcycle, in case you do not want to end up in a complicated connection issue. Checking the polarity of the old motorcycle is important here.

Starting power (CAA): The cold cranking apps would let you determine the start power of the motorcycle. This is the indication of the number of amperes a battery can deliver in a time fraction of more than 30 seconds.

Battery technology: The motorcycle batteries fall in the category of – GEL, lithium, conventional, and factory-activated AGM. The amount of maintenance they demand could be different. You will have to understand the benefits of all the batteries and then make the correct choice.

Why do you need to emphasize on motor-cycle batteries?

• You will have to get the required power: A good battery condition is essential in optimizing the power of your motorcycle. Hence, you will require a battery having the greatest power in it.

• You might wish to use the motorcycle in every weather condition: The batteries of the motorcycle could be affected during the winter. So, it's essential that you get the best quality battery like an Exide battery for your Hero Splendor bike so that there is no backlog or improper functioning of the batteries.

• Batteries can very well be compared to the heart and bloodline of a vehicle. So, without having good quality battery, you will never be able to get a great performance from your bike.

Two-wheelers are essential for Indian roads. Travel from one place to another on a daily basis is always more convenient if you have a two-wheeler. All the more reasons to power your Hero Splendor Bike with a power-packed, zero maintenance Exide battery!

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