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Own an Alto? Get the top Alto battery at the best price from Exide

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Own an Alto? Get the top Alto battery at the best

Do you own a Maruti Alto? It is one of the most preferred four-wheelers in India due to some obvious reasons such as low maintenance, fuel efficiency, and a comfortable driving experience. However, your Alto also needs a great battery to give you optimum performance. Here is what Exide has to offer: At Exide you can get the best Maruti Suzuki Alto battery at the best price.

The range of Alto 800 batteries offered by Exide

Exide offers a range of Maruti Suzuki Alto batteries at the best price so that you can grab the one that matches your preferences precisely.

Here are the options you can go for if your Alto runs on petrol

EXIDE RIDE(RIDE35L) – With 24 months warranty, this high performing battery comes with amazing spill resistance.

EXIDE DRIVE(DRIVE35L) – It is a perfect battery if you are one of those people who love to take their four-wheelers for long drives. With 36 months warranty, this battery comes with optimized alloy system to suit high temperature.

EXIDE EPIQ(EPIQ35L) – With an extended 77 month warranty coverage, this premium battery comes with PENTA ALLOY technology for enhanced corrosion resistance.

EXIDE MILEAGE(ML38B20L) – With 60 months warranty, this battery offers a robust design to take care of stringent application requirements. Moreover, This design helps the battery to withstand challenges unique to Indian roads as well as extreme climate.

Besides that, if your Maruti Suzuki Alto runs on LPG or CNG, your options are –

EXIDE RIDE(RIDE35L) – Advanced spill-proof battery that comes with 24 months warranty

EXIDE RIDE(RIDE35R) – This battery also comes with superior spill-proof technology and has 24 months warranty to offer.

EXIDE DRIVE(DRIVE35L) – A great choice for long drive lovers. Equipped with an optimized alloy system to withstand high temperatures, this battery comes with a 36-month warranty

EXIDE EPIQ(EPIQ35L) – With 77 months warranty, this battery comes with PENTA ALLOY which enhances corrosion resistance in service. This battery comes with a compact design and also, it is a low-maintenance battery that comes with spill-resistant characteristics.

EXIDE EPIQ(EPIQ35R) – Just like the previous-mentioned battery, this battery also comes with PENTA ALLOY which enhances corrosion resistance in service. With a compact design, spill-proof technology and hassle-free maintenance, this battery comes with 77 months warranty.

EXIDE MILEAGE(ML38B20L) – With 60 months warranty, this premium battery comes with a robust design to take care of stringent application requirements.

EXIDE MILEAGE(ML38B20R) – Same as the previous battery, this battery too has a robust design and comes with 60 months warranty

Why Exide?

Exide is India's most trusted battery brand that makes sure your car gives you optimal performance. Here are the reasons why Exide is the best vehicular battery brand you can trust:

• Exide offers quality that is unmatched. Exide batteries are made of the latest technology that ensures consistent power supply to your four-wheeler companion.

• Exide offers a great warranty for all its batteries. You can also register your battery online for free. Know more about Exide warranty terms and conditions here.

• Exide batteries are made for Indian commuters and can precisely match the requirements and challenges unique to India.

• Exide batteries are easy to replace when required through the Exide Batmobile service that allows doorstep delivery and installation of your car battery.

The best reason to trust Exide is that Exide, besides offering high quality batteries, also pays attention to battery service. Exide has a special dedicated service called Exide Batmobile by using which one can easily, within a few minutes, book instant doorstep assistance for their car battery. You just need to go to the service booking page and enter the "For any Car Battery" section. Here, you need to enter the required information and OTP and Exide will take care of the rest. Exide Batmobile service is available in more than 300 cities nationwide so that you don't have to hassle to avail the service.

So, don't wait around! Head to your nearest Exide dealer and pick up the ideal Exide battery for your  Alto car at the best price. With widespread Exide stores nationwide, you'll get all the assistance you need to find the perfect match for your car. Happy driving!

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