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Which battery will you prefer for your Honda City petrol car?

By Exide
Which battery will you prefer for your Honda City

Own a Honda City petrol car? You would obviously be looking for a battery for your Honda City Petrol Car that would be long lasting, high performing and most of all, low on maintenance. There are numerous automotive battery manufacturers flooding the highly competitive car battery market with their products. However, how would you know which would be the best? Easy! Look no further, just go for Exide for your Honda City Petrol Car battery.

Do you know which Exide Battery would best suit your Honda City petrol car? Just visit the Exide Care Site, visit the 'Find your battery' section. Select your brand as Honda Cars Limited and the car model as City. Select your fuel type as Petrol. The page will throw up a host of options of Exide Car battery models to pick from for your petrol car. Some of the best ones are being listed for you here:




Each of these Exide batteries for your Honda City Petrol Car comes with a fixed warranty, easy replacement, exclusive features and are well within your budget.

Maintaining your battery would ensure a longer life for your battery, do check the Exide Care site for some helpful battery saving tips. Once you have purchased an Exide Battery for your Honda City Car don't forget to register your battery for paperless warranty. If you need assistance on this, just call on 1800-103-5454.

So what are the signs that indicate that your Honda City Car battery needs a replacement?

• Your Honda City car refuses to start. Engine is slow to power up.
• Once started, the charge does not remain for long.
• Flickering interior lights, taillights and headlights.
• Poor performance in extreme climate.
• Corrosion or white ashy substance is noticed on the battery.

If you are ever in trouble with your Honda City Petrol car on road, just connect with the very efficient Exide Batmobile service. A trained technicians from Exide will drop in at your location to sort out the issues with your vehicle and offer you a suitable solution at the earliest. The service is available at over 300 cities across India for car battery owners. Also note that this service can be availed even if your current battery is not manufactured by Exide.

Always choose an Exide battery for your Honda City petrol car to enjoy uninterrupted high performance. Built with the latest technology in car battery manufacturing in India, Exide batteries deliver what they promise.

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