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Find the best inverter for your home with Exide

By Exide
Find the best inverter for your home with Exide

Looking for the best inverter for your home at the best price that can have your back when the light goes off? Trust Exide.

Exide offers a range of superior quality inverters, allowing you to find the ideal inverter for your home as per your power needs.

Abrupt power outages are quite common in India and they can put you in great trouble. A reliable inverter can save your day and keep everything running smoothly.

Exide inverter batteries are made to handle Indian power conditions, providing a steady power supply for long hours. If you are tired of sudden blackouts and want to find a solution, Exide has just the right thing for you.

As the best inverter manufacturer in India, Exide delivers high-quality performance that matches all your needs.

Why Exide?

Built for India

Exide inverters are built to handle the voltage ups and downs we often face in India. Exide, the most reliable name for inverters in the Indian market, understands what is required to meet the power demand of Indian households and offers the same.


Exide inverters not only help you to avoid the hassles caused by sudden blackouts but also help you to save money while saving energy. Isn't it great?

Ensure your gadgets' safety

Do you know what suffers the most because of sudden power cuts and voltage fluctuations? your gadgets. Exide inverters make sure that your gadgets remain safe. With better thermal management, these inverters provide a steady and uninterrupted power supply so that you can continue using your gadgets without any worries.

What more, you ask?

Exide offers Exide Batmobile that allows you to get hassle-free servicing at your doorsteps. Besides that, these inverters cover a long warranty period for enhanced convenience. You can go through Exide warranty terms to know more about the same.

How to find the best Exide inverter for your home?

You can now calculate your energy requirement on the Inverter batteries & Inverters section under "find your battery" section on the Exide Care website and explore the options of inverters available for you.

Also, you can go to your nearest registered Exide dealer and get the best inverter for your home at the best price. It's as simple.

So, say goodbye to those annoying power cuts. Switch to Exide.

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