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Move ahead amid the city rush with your Exide-powered Pulsar 150

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Move ahead amid the city rush with your Exide-powe

To be one of the bestselling motorbikes in the country was easy for Bajaj Pulsar 150. Scoring high on passion, fashion and pricing, the Pulsar has always been a great hit with the youngsters. The bike's superior performance on Indian roads also made it a great commuter option worth investing in.

The Indian auto brand had launched these performance bikes in early 2000s, but the model underwent several changes over the years to keep up with the evolving technology, emission and safety standards that the customers look for. By now, 'Pulsar' has grown into a brand in itself and has come up with a lot of upgraded versions. But the Pulsar 150 still remains the most popular pick among its variants.

The popularity and demand for the model in the Indian markets also ensure that a Pulsar 150 bike is easy to maintain, as the oil filters, batteries and other parts are easily available at most stores.

When it comes to the batteries however, the popular Bajaj Pulsar finds its match in Exide – a brand name that stands tall for serving quality, trust and performance over decades. If you're looking for a Pulsar 150 bike battery for yourself, here is the best Exide battery that is most suited for the model:

1. Exide Xplore (12XL7B-B)

Why pick Exide batteries for your Pulsar 150

Like Pulsar 150 chosen for its performance, you will need a sturdy battery that's durable and one that keeps up its efficacy. Exide can be your choice of replacement batteries as the products from the brand come with unsaid assurance of quality. If you need more reasons to convince why an Exide battery for your Bajaj Pulsar 150 is good, we have enlisted a few below:

1. Exide has an extensive range of 'ready-to-use' products to choose from

2. Exide delivers newly manufactured products with assured durability and low self-discharge features

3. Exide two-wheeler batteries are enhanced with the latest technology to deliver power-packed performance and are built to endure tough Indian road conditions

4. The brand maintains a wide network of dealers, retailers and outlets where you can pick your Pulsar 150 battery at the earliest

5. Each battery comes with warranty coverage that can help you in case of unforeseen glitches

These reasons, along with the company's dependable service assistance, have made Exide the most trusted brand for bike batteries nationwide. As it keeps updating its products with the latest technology to stay ahead in the market, Exide's entire range of two-wheeler batteries are all specially designed to suit requirements of the new generation motorbikes and deliver the best.

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