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Are You Buying the Best Inverter in India?

By Exide
Are You Buying the Best Inverter in India?

When you are on the lookout to buy the best inverter in India, how would you begin? By checking online reviews? Brand name or market performance? Asking your friends and family? Hold on! Know what's most important?

Always select the right inverter based on your appliances' wattage.

Remember, Inverter VA X Efficiency = Inverter Wattage.

This is what keeps your connected appliances running.

Take a look at the chart below to calculate your requirement.

Appliances Wattage Nos Total Wattage
4 ft Tube Light 40 3 120
Ceiling Fan 100 3 300
LEDs 10 3 30
Table Fan 50 1 50
Total Wattage Requirement 500
Inverter Efficiency (As per Manufacturer) 80%
Inverter VA (Wattage/ Efficiency) 500/ 80% = 625
Selected Inverter VA 650

Once you have selected the inverter as per your appliances, always check the inverter's VA Rating before purchase.

An inverter model number can sometimes be misleading. An inverter with model number as VOLT950 may not be a 950VA inverter.

To know the inverter's actual VA rating, always look on the INVERTER'S back panel. The back panel of any inverter will give you inverter's actual rating as per norms laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Exide manufactures inverters with the latest sine wave and square wave technology to suit every load requirement and application. If you are looking for a low price inverter without a compromise in its quality, just go for the best inverter in India – Go for Exide. Be assured of uninterrupted and regulated power supply during a mains failure or a fall in input voltage with your Exide inverter.

Exide inverters come with sophisticated digital control and display system that assure steady power to protect all your precious gadgets and sensitive electronic equipment's from power fluctuation and failure.

The Exide Range of Inverters comes in three ranges to choose from -

Exide Inverterz GQP – An 100% copper transformer inverter with high quality DSP based pure sine wave technology. It has LCD & LED - Dual display and Auto Smart Protections with great power saving facility. Comes with a 24 Month Warranty*

Exide Inverterz Star – The inverter with advanced microcontroller based Pure Sine Wave Output, Wave Shape suitable for mains and low voltage operation with LED display for user interface. Comes with a 24 Month Warranty*

Exide Inverterz Magic - Suitable for mains low voltage operation, with controlled output voltage. This inverter comes with smart In-built protections - Overload, Short Circuit, AC Back Feed and more. Offers a 24 Month Warranty*

Each of these inverter battery brands from Exide have multiple models to choose from depending on your requirement. Check out the range and choose your model. You can find the inverter best suited for you according to your requirement on the Exide Care site.  If you need assistance in choosing the best Exide Inverter, you can also connect with our authorized dealer. Exide Inverters are readily available with our dealers. Get in touch with the one closest to you.

Remember, when you are buying an Exide Inverter, you are buying the best Inverter in India. So just go for it and enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your home or office!

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