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Exide offers pure sine wave inverters at the best price!

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Experiencing power failures? Looking for an inverter? A power backup can save your electronic and electrical gadgets from suffering a setback. An inverter manufactured with pure sine wave technology is best for your home to protect your electronic and electrical devices from damage during sudden or frequent power cuts.

Exide offers a wide range of inverters built with the pure sine wave technology. These inverters are developed with the latest technology to support modern electronic and electrical devices. They promise high quality performance and caters to all consumer requirements. Power flow through these inverters neither surge nor fade, giving a constant smooth power supply.

What are the various benefits of pure sine wave inverters?

Pure sine wave inverters produce power that matches the real. While using any other type of inverter, you might risk damaging your device or even malfunctioning. With pure sine wave inverters this risk is minimal due to the constant static power flow. Here are some key advantages:

Same power as the power grids: The wave generated is similar to the smooth waveform from the main electricity. The sinusoidal wave form in Exide Inverterz doesn't gets distorted with varying electrical loads be it resistive, capacitive, or inductive.

Devices face the minimum risks:While you are using a pure sine wave inverter, it prevents damage to the high-end electronics and electricals. While you are using electronic or electrical appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and others, it can cause excess heat and noise putting your device at risk. These inverters protect such electronic gadgets

Consistent and smooth current flow: The pure wave inverter delivers undistorted sine wave form to the devices, unlike the modified wave inverters.

Quiet performance:While using the regular inverters, you might hear irritating and humming sounds from the lights and fans. Pure sine wave inverters are cooler, cleaner, and make lesser noise.

Compatible with a range of devices: Having the grid-like wave pattern in place, almost all the devices come with these pure sine wave inverters.

If you are looking for home inverters, there are some models available at present:

1. Exide Inverterz GQP: DSP-based pure sine wave inverter system. Having a 42-month warranty, they come with a 100% pure copper transformer and deliver grid-quality power, giving long life to your home appliances.

2. Exide Inverterz Star: These are suitable for low-voltage operation and are made with high-quality microcontroller-based pure sine wave technology. They are best suited for low voltage operation with LED display. They come with a 42-month warranty and are the best microcontroller-based square wave inverter system. 

Find the best pure sine wave technology made Exide inverter on this website. Check out the models and their prices before you decide on your purchase from your nearest Exide dealer. The steady flow of power from these Exide inverters not only ensures safety of your appliances, but can also prolong the life of expensive electronics gadgets reliant on the inverter.

No wonder they are trusted for long-term usage in households and offices, for protection against short-circuit, reverse polarity etc. Buy one now!

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