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Does Your Swift Dzire Battery need a replacement?

By Exide
Does Your Swift Dzire Battery need a replacement?

One morning, as you get set to leave for the day, you are suddenly faced with a situation where your favourite Swift Dzire car fails to start up? Is it a technical fault, or could it be that your Swift Dzire car battery is down and needs a replacement or is it some other issue that you are clueless about? Don't worry, get an answer to all your doubts and have your Swift Dzire car running on the roads again by simply connecting with the Exide Batmobile doorstep service.

Once you connect with this unique roadside assistance service from Exide over a call (Dial 1800-103-5454), WhatsApp (70440 00000) or by sharing your location over the web, our trained technician will reach you in no time, survey your car and find out the issue as well as offer a suitable solution! Isn't that great! If he feels that it is a genuine issue with your Swift Dzire car battery that was preventing your car from functioning, he will offer you an immediate replacement with an Exide car battery irrespective of which brand battery was installed within your car!

Before you make your purchase you will also be guided on the Exide Battery brand that would go best with your Swift Dzire car and you will also be informed about the battery price by our technician, saving you a visit to the battery dealer! The battery fitment would be free of cost and it is only the battery that you need to pay for.

Want to know which battery is best suited for your Swift Dzire car? You can find it for yourself in the battery finder module at the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care website. Here are some of the Exide automotive batteries that would pair up best with your Swift Dzire diesel car:


Both the batteries come with a 55 month warranty, are spill-proof and robust in design and are maintenance free!

For the petrol variant of the Swift Dzire car you could go for:


Both these batteries come with a 55 month and a 66 month warranty respectively. For more battery options to pick and choose from depending on the Swift Dzire model you own, do visit the Find Your Battery section on this website and check out for yourself!

So, if you feel that it's time to replace your Swift Dzire car battery, choose the best priced, power-packed, zero maintenance Exide car battery for your car! If you opt for the Exide Batmobile service to check and install your car battery, you need not visit a dealer separately to buy your battery. The Exide technician will bring the battery to your car location and replace it. If you happen to be out to buy the battery yourself, find the nearest Exide Dealer with the help of our Dealer Locator and make your visit to complete your purchase of a genuine Exide car battery.

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