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Need to replace your Hyundai i10 battery?

By Exide
Need to replace your Hyundai i10 battery?

Your Hyundai i10 battery needs a replacement? Don't worry, just go for the best, pick an Exide battery for your Hyundai i10 and keep enjoying your endless drives. Once you have identified the fact that your Hyundai i10 battery needs a replacement, just visit the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care website to find out which Exide four wheeler battery would go best with your Hyindai i10 car.

The  following Exide batteries are recommended for your Hyundai i10 car:

EXIDE MILEAGE (ML40LBH) – Battery with robust design to take care of stringent application requirements. Comes with a 55 month warranty.

EXIDE EPIQ (EPIQ35LBH)- Made with Penta Alloy which enhances corrosion resistance while in service. Has a 77 month warranty.

You can purchase an Exide battery for your Hyundai i10 from your nearest Exide dealer. After your purchase, Exide will provide experienced technicians to install the new Exide battery in your car. Do not forget to register your new battery for paperless warranty on the Exide Care website, so that you can avail your battery warranty benefit anytime, anywhere.

Always keep a watch out for the health of your Hyundai i10 car battery. Look out for some of the most common signs that could indicate that your battery needs a replacement like a failure to start at one go, clicking sounds as you turn the key for ignition, headlights dimming or failing to turn on, a failure in your car air-conditioning etc. If you see any of these signs it could be that your battery needs a replacement, however to get a confirmation you can also rely on the Exide Batmobile doorstep service. Just connect to the Exide Batmobile service and our trained technicians will visit your location, examine your Hyundai i10 car and determine whether your car battery needs a replacement or if it is some other issue.

Choose a premium-quality Exide car battery for your Hyundai i10 and experience the difference in performance of your car. Remember to always buy genuine Exide batteries from an authorised Exide car battery dealer for guaranteed good service. When you have an Exide battery in your Hyundai i10 car you can be rest assured that your car will never let you down during your journey!

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