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Exide offers the ideal battery for Splendor Bike at the best price!

By Exide
Exide offers the ideal battery for Splendor Bike a

Are you in search of the perfect battery for your Hero Splendor bike at the best price? Look no further! Exide has an extensive range of batteries designed specifically for various Splendor bike models, ensuring a seamless and reliable riding experience even in the face of frequent start-stop situations.

The Hero Splendor bike is a favourite amongst many Indian riders who need to navigate through bustling traffic to reach their destinations on time. Exide understands the unique needs of these riders and offers superior quality batteries, tailor-made for a wide array of Hero Splendor models. An ideal Exide battery not only allows you to enhance the performance of your bike but also ensures longevity, making it the ideal companion for your two-wheeler journey on Indian roads.

For the adventure enthusiasts who cherish their two-wheeler escapades, Hero Splendor emerges as a great choice in the Indian market due to its comfortable rides and catchy design. Complementing the amazing feature of this bike, Exide introduced the Xplore batteries - thoughtfully crafted for two-wheelers in India so that your bike can seamlessly withstand the challenges posed by Indian roads and traffic conditions. Exide Xplore batteries are designed with the latest VRLA and world-class Calcium Effects Technology, ideal for all your Hero Splendor models. These batteries are tailored to power your two-wheeler with a good start.

Curious about the available battery options for your Splendor bike at Exide? Here's a detailed breakdown:

For the regular Splendor: EXIDE XPLORE(12XL2.5L-C)

Splendor Pro Classic: EXIDE XPLORE(XLTZ4A)


Super Splendor KS: EXIDE XPLORE(12XL2.5L-C)

Exide offers superior quality batteries for all Hero Splendor bike models, covering a wide spectrum including Splendor ISmart

• Splendor ISmart BS6
• Splendor NXG
• Splendor NXG Pro
• Splendor Plus
• Splendor Pro
• New Splendor Pro
• New Super Splendor
• Super Splendor BS6
• and Super Splendor NXG

 Guess what! There is an ideal battery for every Splendor bike on the road.

Wondering how to get a Splendor battery at the best price from Exide? It's a simple process!

You will need to visit Exide's official website, navigate to the "Find Your Battery" section, and specifically choose the two-wheeler battery option. Here, you will find multiple battery options to choose from.

Identify your Splendor bike battery model, explore the available options, and access all the essential information right here.

Once you've identified the perfect battery for your trusted on-road companion, consider visiting the nearest Exide dealer for a hassle-free purchase. You can also go directly to your nearest authorized Exide dealer for getting efficient guidance for choosing the perfect option for your on-road companion. Regardless of whether you need guidance or solution, the knowledgeable dealers are always ready to assist you.

Finding your nearest authorized Exide dealer has been made incredibly simple with Exide's Dealer Locator. Exide dealers are available in 300+ cities in India to make sure you always find one near you.

Don't delay! Acquire the battery your Splendor bike deserves at the best price with Exide, and embark on your journey with confidence and peace of mind!

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