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Exide Inverterz Star - 7 Reasons why it's considered the star performer for homes

By Exide
Exide Inverterz Star - 7 Reasons why it's consider

Dependable inverter systems are no more hard-to-find as Exide brings to you the latest technology with its extensive range of inverter systems – Exide Inverterz. Coming with the promise of reduced operational noise, Exide Inverterz Star is a notable sub-brand under the range that delivers user-friendly inverter which are ideal for use as emergency power back-ups in Indian residences.

Here's a look at all the features of Exide Inverterz Star variants that makes them the product of choice among the UPS for home use available across the country:

1. Enhanced with advanced microcontroller based pure sine wave technology for a smooth and stable power backup

2. Equipped to operate across a wide range of mains input voltage for battery charging (900V – 300V), thereby ensuring stable power delivery in areas having fluctuating grid power

3. Provides reliable backup for fans, lights, televisions, computers and all other kind of electrical home appliances like refrigerators etc., to ensure those keep running even amid low voltage

4. Improved efficiency, which means that it can support more appliances at same VA rating

5. Dual Stage Charging capacity for optimised results and ensuring durability

6. No flickering of lights or humming sounds, which can ensure longer life for your home electricals

7. Feature LED display with simple settings for easy-to-understand operation and control

Like all inverter systems, Exide Inverterz Star is equipped to supply power backup and protect your home electricals from power surges at all times. The low distortion property of sine wave technology ensures that your UPS for home use can adjust to varying loads of the lights and appliances, and protect them by preventing Mains Overload or Short Circuits. To find out more about the Exide Inverterz Star UPS variants, technical specifications and charging details, click here.

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