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Replace Your Yamaha R15 Battery with an Exide Battery

By Exide
Replace Your Yamaha R15 Battery with an Exide Batt

The super sporty Yamaha R15 bike powered with Dual Channel ABS is a max powerhouse of 18.6 PS on the road. Riding this power bike makes you feel like driving through racing tracks on the road. Smartly designed with a muscular track and aerodynamic front this bike is BS VI Compliant with a 155cc LC4V SOHC FI Engine. To move smoothly on your Yamaha R15 bike, choose a battery that would double up this super bike's performance and let you cruise through the roads, shifting gears comfortably and manoeuvring through sharp turns and bends. Replace your Yamaha R15 Battery with an Exide battery and keep enjoying your ride!

So which Exide bike batteries would be best suited as your Yamaha R15 battery? Here goes:

EXIDE BIKERZ (BVTZ5) : Go for this super-sealed and spillproof bike battery from Exide for your Yamaha R15 bike. This battery comes with a warranty for 36 months and a battery capacity of 5AH. Specially designed for new generation bikes, this Exide battery is best for two wheelers riding on rugged Indian roads. Conforming to Japanese Standard JIS D5302, Exide Bikerz range of batteries come with special features suited to support the performance of bikes on Indian roads. Super-sealed and spillproof, these batteries made with advanced lead-calcium technology boosts up starting power without water loss. The battery is resistant to vibration and gives better cranking performance along with low self-discharge. The battery comes with special plates and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) separators which helps in superior acid absorption.

EXIDE XPLORE (XLTZ5) : Try this power-packed bike battery from Exide for your Yamaha R15 bike. This battery comes with a 48 month warranty and is designed to enhance the comfort of riding your Yamaha R15 bike. This zero-maintenance VRLA motorcycle battery from Exide is built with the world-class calcium effects technology to deliver the high performance that you are looking for in your Yamaha R15 bike. The AGM construction of the battery gives superior cranking power and better resistance to vibration as you cruise through highways or rough roads. The battery is completely spillproof even in tilted positions and its unique flame arrestor ensures safety for you as you ride. This battery requires no refilling, electrolyte or water.

Get your factory charged, ready to use Exide bike battery for your Yamaha R15 bike and see the difference in its performance. To buy a new bike battery or to get a battery replacement connect with your nearest Exide dealer. With an Exide battery powering your sporty Yamaha R15 bike, you can be rest assured to get smooth rides even through the most rugged terrains you cross.

Set out on that long bike ride you have been planning with your friends, or simply drive to your favourite weekend destination, get your daily work done or your deliveries completed on your Yamaha R15 bike with an Exide battery to power it! Ride on!

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